by Rusty

"JAAAACK, WHERE ARE MY JEEEANS?" Gavin hollered from the bedroom. He was searching his drawers, leaving havoc in his wake.

Jack heard Gavin call all the way down into the kitchen. Being that their house was a big old Victorian, that said a lot. People probably heard him at Jacobs Field.

He pushed himself off his stool and made his way to the stairs before he heard Gavin bellow again.

"JAAAACK, HAVE YOU SEEN MY JEEEANS?" Gavin was rummaging through yet another dresser.

Slowly making his way up the stairs, Jack decided he wasn't going to play the "yelling game" with Gavin. Reaching the top of the stairs, he walked down the hall and into their bedroom.

"JAAAACK, HAVE Y.....oh, there you are. I didn't think you heard me," Gavin said, spying Jack in the doorway to their room. His backside was waving back and forth as he bent down to open another drawer.

Jack stared at that backside waving at him. He took a minute to appreciate it before answering. He'd been waving his backside at Jack all morning. They had plans to work on the house today, and he had pushed Gavin out of bed at the crack of dawn hoping to get an early start. Gavin was always hard to get up, especially on a Saturday, but after having breakfast his energy was restored. They could get a lot done before they had to quit. They were supposed to be at his parents’ this evening to see some out-of-town relatives who were visiting.

But it would be a crime if a man didn't stop to appreciate truly beautiful things. And Gavin McCourt's waving backside was a truly beautiful thing.

"Down, boy," Jack thought to himself. "Just appreciate it, then it's time to get to work."

"Gav, I think they can hear you at Jacobs Field. What jeans are you looking for? You have about one hundred pair." Jack was still staring at that backside. He closed his eyes a minute.

Raising his head up from the bottom drawer of the dresser, Gavin gave Jack a sweet smile. "My favorite jeans…….the ones I wear all the time. They're my ‘working on the house’ jeans."

Gavin knew Jack liked to look at him in those jeans. He waved his backside again.

Hell, Jack thought, the house was still standing, wasn't it? They had shelter, didn't they? Besides, they had YEARS to work on the damned house.

"You mean the ones with the holes in them. The ones that show all my favorite places." Jack walked towards Gavin, giving him a look of appraisal as he got closer. Gavin was only wearing his briefs. He couldn't wear boxers when he wore his holey jeans

Gavin looked up at Jack, noticing that look in his eye. Well, maybe he wasn't going to need those jeans after all.

Gavin smiled a little. "What favorite places are those?"

Jack reached down and pulled Gavin up from the drawer. His hands slid down Gavin's back and then inside and down the briefs, squeezing the two firm mounds with his hands.

"Here's two of them." Jack squeezed again.

Then he slowly moved one hand around to the front of the briefs. He squeezed again.

"Here's a few more." He pushed himself against Gavin's body.

"Here's another one." He kissed Gavin's lips.

Gavin groaned, leaning in, molding his body into Jack's.

"Mmm…god…don't st…op…doin'....that," Gavin moaned, pushing Jack back towards the still unmade bed. As Gavin pushed, Jack pulled until they were standing at the edge of the bed. After pulling and pushing what clothes were between them, they tumbled back into bed.

It was a good hour before they thought about working on the house again.


Slapping Gavin on the butt, Jack then tried pushing Gavin's head off his chest. "We've got to get up. For real this time."

Rubbing the place where the slap landed, Gavin grunted, but didn't budge his head.

"Ow! Hey, I wasn't the one who started this." He snuggled deeper.

Gavin could feel Jack's laughter rumble in his chest. "You started it all right. You were waving that ass of yours in my face from the minute you got up this morning...and all through breakfast. Not to mention you were still waving it when I came into the bedroom."

Nudging Gavin's shoulder, Jack started to sit up. "You're about as subtle as a Mack truck."

Sighing as he was pushed off Jack's chest, Gavin smiled wickedly. "I can't help it. I love what you do to my ass."

"Not always," Jack laughed again, pushing himself off the bed. "How 'bout cleaning up all the chaos you caused looking for your jeans."

Heading for the bathroom, Jack turned back to make sure Gavin was beginning to move. "Then get dressed. I think your holey ones are down in the laundry room. It's still early; we can get a lot done yet before we have to head over to Mom and Dad's."

Feeling pretty content with himself, Gavin pushed himself off the bed and followed Jack into the bathroom. He could probably get Jack to quit working on the house fairly early.

His holey jeans were something Jack couldn't resist for very long.

They made it out the door just barely on time. Gavin was driving for a change, and as usual Jack complained.

"This car isn't big enough for a grown person to sit in." Jack shifted in his seat, smiling over at Gavin. "Why didn't you want me to drive?"

"The car's big enough. You're just ...bigger than most." Gavin smiled, thinking how true that was. He had proven that twice today.

Leaning forward in his seat, Jack picked up a yellow flyer off the floor. Looking at it more closely caused him to frown.

"Another parking ticket, Gavin? And you didn't even stick it in the pay slot. If you don't pay these within 48 hours, the fine on them jumps from three dollars to ten."

"Oh. That's just from yesterday. So I have until Monday to pay for it, see. Saturday and Sunday don't count." Gavin shifted gears and put on his blinker.

"You're to quit parking in front of your office, Gavin. You have parking lots that are free, everywhere you look around your building." Jack placed the ticket on the dash. "Make sure you pay that first thing. You don't have any that you haven't paid, do you?"

Ignoring the question, Gavin turned on the street where John and Mary Ryan lived. "I only park there sometimes, when I'm running late. I think it's a rip they have those meters there anyway."

"It keeps people from leaving their cars on the street for long. It's a new area with plenty of parking lots. You have your own parking lot to your building.  God, it would only take you two seconds more to park there and get to your office." Jack thought it was just laziness. "If you have a problem with the meters being there, take up a petition and send it down to city hall. You don't break the law just because you don't AGREE with it. Until that law changes you’re not to park there anymore."

Gavin rolled his eyes. Jack was such a stickler for every teeny tiny law. Those tickets didn't mean anything, anyway. Parking in front of the old two-story house where Jack had grown up, Gavin waited until he had gotten out of the car and closed the door.

Snatching the ticket from the dash, he opened the glove box and stuffed it inside. It had 35 brothers and sisters waiting for it in there, so there was no way it could ever get lonely.

"Gavin, we have a problem." Missy peered her head into Gavin's office.

Gavin looked up from his computer and smiled. "Whazzup!"

"You parked out in front again, didn't you?" Missy shook her head, biting her lip.

"Yeah, I meant to move it, but I forgot. Crap, I probably have three more of those yellow creatures on my window." Gavin got up from his chair.

“Mmmm. Well, you probably have those too. But…" Missy paused, not knowing how to tell him. "I think you have a bigger problem now."

Gavin waited at the doorway for Missy either to move or continue. "What bigger problem?"

"Well, I think they're towing it." Missy moved quickly out of the way as Gavin's eyes widened at the news.

He ran down the hall and out the front of his building, just as the tow truck driver had finished locking in his car. His beautiful little car.

"Hey, wait a minute! That's my car!" Gavin called as he ran out the door.

There was a police officer standing beside the tow truck driver. "This is your car?"

"Yeah, I just said that. I work right here. I was going to move it and forgot. I'll just move it now," Gavin told the officer, thinking that would take care of everything.

The officer grinned at the tow truck driver and handed him a piece of paper.

"That'd be fine and I wouldn't have any problem with that...if this was the first time." The officer looked down at the papers he held in his hand. "But according to have about 40 outstanding tickets that you've failed to pay before."

Gavin's face was beginning to look a little green. "Oh, well...I'll pay for them now. How much would that be?"

"Well, the outstanding tickets come to about $400.00. That doesn't include the warrant and now the tow truck of course." The officer was enjoying the look on Gavin's face.

Gavin swallowed hard. Those yellow bastards were more expensive than he'd thought.

"Ahh, how much say all that would come to?" Gavin closed his eyes, not really wanting to know the answer.

"I figure, oh…about $550 or somewhere around there." The officer wrote something down in his little book. "We can go downtown and you can pay for it there."

Gavin wished the sidewalk would swallow him whole. Jack had a little problem with just a couple of tickets. He'd kill him for this. His ears had that whooshing sound in them, like he was near the ocean. He swallowed again.

" 'bout... I just pay you… instead." Gavin thought if he could pay for the tickets now, he could just forget about this ever happening. He'd NEVER park here again.

The officer’s eyes narrowed at that suggestion. Waving the tow truck driver to go on ahead, he unclipped his handcuffs from his waist and locked them on Gavin's wrist.

"How 'bout we go downtown and talk it over there." Turning Gavin around, locking the cuff to his other wrist, he said, "You have the right to remain silent..."

"I swear to you, I wasn't bribing him. I only know….to pay him for the TICKETS…..and everything..." Gavin was sitting in a chair beside the desk of yet another officer.

This officer was a little older and more seasoned than the one that had handcuffed him and hauled him away. He seemed like he wanted to help and had actually listened to Gavin's explanation.

"I'm sure we'll get it all straightened out. Do you have an attorney or someone you can call to help?" The officer, Sgt. DiLoretto, was typing something into the computer.

Gavin closed his eyes. Did he know an attorney? Oh yeah! He knew one!

"Believe me, calling my attorney wouldn't help me." Gavin slouched down lower in his chair, hiding his face with his hand.

He hoped Missy hadn't called Jack, but he had a very sick feeling that's probably what she did, thinking she would be helping him. She wouldn't have any reason to think otherwise.

Jack worked in this building, just five floors up. From what he'd told Gavin, he came down here all the time during the day to talk to officers and ...prisoners….before they were charged. Jack truly believed in the law.  Justice for all. 

Gavin had no doubt that justice would come quickly for him when Jack found out about this.

He was just thankful Big John was stationed at another department, or they could just have a great big family reunion right here.

"Well, I'd recommend you call someone. It sounds to me like we can get the bribery charge straightened out. But you'll need to go through a few legal channels before they can be dropped." Sgt. DiLoretto continued typing into his computer. "You'll have to pay for the tickets and tow charges. Probably be a few court costs thrown in. If you don't know of an attorney, I can give you a few names to choose from."

Leaning an elbow on the desk, Gavin decided he had only one choice, really.

"I ...think…I want a ....maximum security cell."

"Uh?" Sgt. DiLoretto shook his head and rubbed his forehead. You get all kinds in here, he thought. "I don't think you understand, sir. An attorney could get the bribery charge thrown out before you'd even have to go to court. All the prosecutor would have to do is call your secretary. She's already called in here saying she heard everything."

"One with… windows.  No...visitors...allowed," Gavin whispered between his fingers.

Still hiding his face behind his hand, Gavin peered through his fingers. He felt a prickling sensation at the back of his neck, like someone was staring at him from behind. Turning slightly around, still keeping his face covered, his eyes did a quick survey of the room from between his fingers.

"Solitary...confinement would be best. And….I'll need the prison chaplain... immediately."

He spotted a few officers standing around a desk at the far right of the room. There were some others sitting at desks talking on the phone or typing information they were getting from a couple of other fellow criminals. His brothers in crime.

"Do you could send me to...a prison in ...another country? Third airport, please."

He rubbed the back of his neck, that prickling feeling was getting worse. Turning around further in his chair, Gavin's gaze stopped at the doorway into the room. A choking sound escaped from his throat.


Filling that doorway, his wide shoulders almost touching each side, was the source of that prickle. His piercing blue eyes were narrowed and sending daggers right into the back of Gavin's neck.

Jack Ryan, Assistant District Attorney.

Some people in this situation might think it was a good thing, knowing someone with the power to straighten all this out in a matter of minutes.

Gavin wasn't one of them.

Although, for one quick moment, a sense of relief came over him. That feeling he always got when he knew Jack was near. Ready to take care of everything.  He'd be home in an hour.

Then he started thinking about what would happen when they finally did get home.  GOD!  He was a dead man.   He quickly turned around in his chair and grabbed Sgt. DiLoretto's arm. Clutching the man's shirt in his hands, Gavin leaned over the desk and whispered, his voice sounding desperate.


"Put me in a cell! Arrest me! NOW! Please!"

"Whaat?" Sgt. Dilorretto tried pulling his arm out of Gavin's white knuckled fist.

"It's your job to protect, right?" Gavin leaned further over the desk, his face inches from man's face.

"So protect! Put... me… in...a...cell."

"Is there a problem here, Eddie?" The voice of doom asked from behind Gavin's chair. The prickling sensation at the back of his neck was now knife wounds….. hundreds of them.

Sgt. DiLoretto looked up as he pulled his arm out of Gavin's clutched fingers.

"Hey Jack. No problem really." Chuckling, he pointed a thumb at Gavin. "This guy *wants* me to put him in a cell. Imagine that!"

Jack crossed his arms over his wide chest.  That crease at the center of his forehead caused his eyes to narrow even further.

"No! Imagine that."

Gavin looked in his rearview mirror. Jack's SUV hadn't been even a car length behind him since they had picked up his car at the police compound. It was as though Jack wasn't leaving any chance open for Gavin to try and escape.

Groaning as he turned down their street, Gavin toyed with the idea of NOT stopping. What if he just kept driving until he ran out of gas? Looking down at his gas gauge, he groaned again. He wouldn't get very far on a quarter of a tank. Jack would catch him if he had to stop at a gas station.

Then he'd kill him! In public!

Pulling into the garage, Gavin waited until Jack's SUV pulled in beside him before getting out. He slowly opened the door of his car, wondering how bad this was going to be.

He didn't have long to wonder.

Before he could push himself out of his car seat, he heard the door to Jack's SUV slam shut and then footsteps pounding on the pavement coming straight at him.

He felt a hand grab his arm and then he was pulled out of his car before he could blink. Jack's hand held onto Gavin's right arm and his other hand landed on Gavin's butt with enough force to make him stumble.

Gavin didn't try to cover his butt, not even after the second swat landed. Nope. He decided the smart thing to do....was to do absolutely nothing to piss Jack off any more than he already was.

By the time they reached the door, that hand had landed about five really good swats.

"I'm going! I'm going!" Gavin yelped through the door and into the kitchen.

Letting go of Gavin's arm, Jack pulled off his jacket and loosened his tie, never taking his eyes off Gavin.

Gavin stood with his back to the kitchen bar and held out his hands in front of him, palms up. He watched as Jack unbuttoned the cuffs of his white cotton oxford shirt and began slowly rolling up his sleeves.

Still holding out his palms in a gesture that said "hold on a minute" Gavin said, "Hold on a minute...don't you think....we should about this...calmly?"

Jack crossed his arms, the muscles in his shoulders rippling under the cotton. "What… in the... HELL is there to TALK about?"

Keeping his back to the bar and his eyes on Jack for any sudden movement, Gavin moved slowly towards the center of the kitchen. "I know this looks bad, but I can explain."

"WHAT! That you've been collecting tickets that you only received in the first place because you won't manage your time well enough to get to your office two seconds sooner so you can park in the FREE parking lot .....FIFTY FEET AWAY." Jack took a few steps towards Gavin.

"It's a rip...." Gavin took a step back at the look on Jack's face.

"YOU decided those rules weren't meant for YOU. So instead of paying the three dollar tickets in the 48 hours you’re given to pay them, you decided to just keep them as PETS in your glove box." Jack took a few more steps forward, his hands going to his belt.

"I..." Gavin took another step back, watching Jack unbuckle his belt.

"Apparently, you thought they were worth more than... ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS! You decided since the rules aren't meant for Gavin McCourt, you would show them ALL by keeping them safe in your glove box until they grew into TEN DOLLAR tickets. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!" Jack pulled his belt from the loops and took a couple more steps.

Gavin backed up a few steps and stopped as his back hit the wall of the basement door. Reaching behind him, he grabbed the door handle in his hand. He figured if he was going to get his ass beat then he'd better make sure he was in the basement.

Jack shook his head and took a calming breath. He ran his left hand down over his face and rubbed his chin. Holding the belt in his right hand, he pointed it at the door.

"Corner. NOW!

Gavin opened the door to the basement and ran all the way down the stairs and to the safety of his corner.


This was all Sgt. DiLorretto's fault. The man should have listened to him when he said he wanted to be put in a cell.   He just didn’t understand WHY the police NEVER took him seriously when he demanded to be arrested. The police were supposed "to protect and to serve", weren't they?  Gavin thought if anyone needed protection right now, it was HIM.  Jack was so pissed he hadn't even followed Gavin down the stairs. He'd been standing in his corner for what seemed like hours. This wasn't a good sign.

He should be happy he was standing in his corner. Gavin thought for sure Jack was going to start swinging that belt right there in the kitchen. Anyone could've stopped by and seen it all through the windows. The neighbors could've heard him howling from down the street.

Gavin just wished Jack would hurry and get this over with. Just as that thought went through his brain, he heard footsteps on the stairs.

"I've changed my mind,” Gavin thought, "I didn't mean to make that wish."

"Gavin, come here," Jack called to him as he reached the bottom of the stairway. He walked over to the couch and stood in front of it, arms folded across his chest.

Gavin turned slowly from his corner, keeping his head down.  He searched Jack over, under hooded eyes, for any weapons he still might be holding in his hands. He couldn't tell if he still held that belt.

Standing in front of Jack, Gavin still kept his head down, looking at his shoes. He really DIDN’T want to look up.

"Gavin, look at me, " Jack was several inches taller than Gavin's 5'10, and in order for him to look at Jack from this close a position he had to tilt his head back.

Jack unfolded his arms and planted a fist on each hip. Gavin peered down to look at Jack's hands, checking to see if he held any weapons in them. He'd apparently changed from his work clothes into his jeans. Gavin was a little relieved to see that Jack was empty handed.  Not that whatever was coming wouldn't be bad enough.

"We're not going to discuss the why's and how's of this. YOU know that what YOU did was AGAINST the law, no matter how much you disagree with it." Jack lifted his right arm and pointed a finger at Gavin.

"YOU don't get to decide what LAWS you like and just follow those. YOU don't have special privileges just because you're Gavin McCourt."

Jack placed his hands back on his hips and gave Gavin that look he was famous for in the courtroom. "There are plenty of people out there that think it's okay to steal, Gavin. Do you think those laws..…. laws that protect the rest of us from that sort of thing... shouldn't apply to THOSE people, JUST because THEY don't AGREE with them?"

Gavin shook his head and answered softly. "No, of course not."

"This whole THING isn't even about you NOT agreeing with this particular law anyway. It was brought on by SIMPLE laziness on your part. You only WANTED to walk TEN feet to your office door instead of the FIFTY feet it would have taken if you'd parked where you're supposed to." Jack shook his head and shook a finger at Gavin.

"I'm going to make DAMNED sure you remember NOT to park there again. Your car is going to stay in the garage, except to take you back and forth to work, for one month. I thought about making you ride the bus, and not giving you work privileges, but I know you have meetings outside the office and I don't want anything to jeopardize your business. But if you EVER park out front again, you won't HAVE a car. Do you understand?" Jack waited for Gavin's answer.

Gavin nodded his head and then noticing Jack's glare answered him out loud. "Yes, I understand."

Gavin was sure that wasn't all of the sentence, but he was always hopeful.  Jack's next statement dashed all hope, or maybe wishful thinking was a better term.

"I'll get the paddle, Gavin. I only hope it's enough to make you remember. You just get your pants and shorts down now." Jack's eyes narrowed when Gavin just stood there.

With shaky hands, Gavin began unbuckling and unzipping his pants. He let them fall around his ankles, then pushed his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and pushed those down, all the way to his knees.

He realized as he began walking towards the couch that he should have waited to undress until he got over there. The pants around his ankles and the shorts around his knees were making it impossible to walk with any dignity at all.

After stumbling a couple of times, Jack came to his aid and bent down to pull the pants completely off. He told Gavin to step out of his shoes and steadied him until the pants were out of the way. The boxers were left at his knees, but dropped an inch with every step he took. When he finally reached the couch they were banded around his ankles.

Jack sat down, pulling Gavin across his lap at the same time. Gavin rested his palms on the floor to steady himself.

Resting his palm against the small of Gavin's back, Jack made his last statement before the sentence was carried out. "Keep your hands out of the way, Gavin, because if I have to stop and get them out of the way, I'm just going to start again with number one."

Gavin felt Jack's body move and closed his eyes and waited for the first crack of that paddle. He yelped when it made contact and even though he didn't attempt to move his hands, it didn't stop his feet from kicking or his butt from wiggling back and forth in an effort to avoid those blows.

He continued to yelp and howl in response to the first ten swats. His voice changed to pleading and begging after that. The "please stops" and "I'm sorry's" didn't stop Jack's arm or that paddle from lifting and falling. His wiggling and squirming caused a couple of those swats to catch the top of his thighs.  The pain of those swats nearly sent him off Jack's lap and across the room like a rocket.  It was only the firm arm that held him that prevented that from happening.

He jerked his hand up once, with every intention of protecting his backside from that paddle, but grabbed on to Jack's jean-covered calf instead and held on. Soon the pleas and begging stopped and the only sounds coming from Gavin's throat were deep guttural sobs. His shoulders shook, but his feet were no longer able to move.

After the last swat landed, Jack let Gavin lay over his knees for a few minutes, rubbing his back from beneath his shirt. Eventually that hand made its way over the red flaming flesh, the heat from it warming his hand.  When his heaving sobs didn't diminish in the slightest, Jack gently lifted Gavin up and pulled him onto his lap.  He lifted Gavin’s knees up with his arm, careful of his tender backside, and held him.


"What do you think I should wear tonight?" Gavin asked; searching through his wardrobe, he pulled out a classic white cotton button down shirt. Holding it out in front of him, he decided it wouldn't do and hung it back in the closet.

Gavin didn't figure on getting out much in the next month and was looking forward to this evening. The only reason he was even allowed out this once was because the people in Jack's office had planned a get together in his honor. He was a little nervous about that part of it and wanted to make a good impression.

Jack rolled his eyes as he pulled up his khaki pants, then tucked in his blue cotton button down shirt.

"Gav, I can't believe you're asking me that. You sound like a woman." Jack zipped his pants and buckled his belt. "It's casual. Very casual. You have no reason to be nervous about meeting these people. You've met most of them before."

Then raising an eyebrow, Jack turned to Gavin and gave him a pointed stare. "Some of them you met only three days ago."

Gavin winced at the reminder; his hand went automatically to his backside. His eyes widened when he realized what Jack had said.

"You mean some of THOSE people will be there. Oh God, Jack! You don't think they KNOW, do you?" Gavin groaned at the thought.

It was embarrassing enough to think the first time he'd been in Jack's new office was after being bailed out of jail a few minutes before. He'd even had to talk to a few of Jack's colleagues about the whole bribery thing before it could be thrown out. He'd NEVER be able to look them in the eye if they KNEW he'd gotten his butt tanned for it.

"What? That you got your butt tanned for buying a damned parking meter?" Jack shook his head. "I don't think so, Gavin. They knew I was plenty pissed, but I DOUBT they would think I'd spank you for it. Although Jim Burns told me if his wife had done something like that, she'd be up a creek without a paddle, because HE'D be holding it."

Jack didn't even laugh at that. The whole thing was still a pretty big sore spot with him. The law was the law.

It was a sore spot with Gavin too, but for a whole different reason. He didn't even mind being compared to a wife.

"You don't think some of them believe I tried to bribe that....." Gavin's question was stopped by Jack.

"That was taken care of. No one believes it. The policeman that arrested you is young and everyone knows him to be a little overzealous." Jack pointed a finger a Gavin. " You just remember to keep your car far away from any parking meters."

Gavin rubbed his butt again. "Jack, I'll NEVER forget. I swear." Turning back to his closet, he began searching through his clothes again.

"It's the first time we've done something social with a lot these people from the D.A.'s office, Jack. I know this is important to you." Looking up, Gavin gave Jack a frown. "Do they all know about me, do you think?"

"You mean, do they know about *me?*" Jack shrugged, slapping on some cologne. " It's not something that's kept a secret, Gav."

Pulling out a pair of pants, Gavin said, "Well, I just want to make a good impression, is all. You're wearing Khakis so I'll wear the sage colored pants and the dormer plaid shirt. We won't look like we're dressing alike that way."

"Gav, I don't think it matters what you wear. As long as it’s NOT your holey jeans." Jack walked behind him and tousled his hair.

Gavin turned his head to the side and smiled. "I only wear those for you."

Jack swatted his still tender backside. "I know. We'll keep it that way."

Heading out the door, Jack called back into the bedroom, "Please hurry. We have to leave in fifteen minutes."

"I'll be ready in a minute." Gavin started to pull the dormer shirt out of the closet and noticed his holey jeans were lying crumpled over the chair. He walked over and picked them up.

Folding them neatly, he grabbed a hanger out of the closet and hung them up. Tomorrow was Saturday and he planned on putting them on first thing in the morning. A lustful little smile spread over his face.

He could probably get Jack's attention in them again.