THE D.A. and the Bad Day
           by Rusty

"Hey handsome, you busy?" Jack Ryan asked as he poked his head into Gavin's office;  his large frame nearly filling the doorway.  He leaned his shoulder against the frame and gave a quick look around the office.  It always gave him a sense of pride whenever he thought of all Gavin had accomplished this past year. 

Gavin looked up from his computer screen and beamed back with a smile of his own and for the second time today giving Jack an appreciative glance from head to toe.   Jack had on his "going to court clothes"; charcoal gray suit, starched white shirt and the burgundy tie with the dark gray and blue accents. He was spit and polished down to the toes of his shoes.   

"Hey yourself! How did the trial turn out?  I’ve been wondering about you all morning." Gavin pushed himself away from his desk and the computer screen that had been giving him fits all morning, or at least he was blaming the computer screen.  Jack very rarely stopped by his office. This was a bright spot in an otherwise pissy morning. 

"It went well.  Better than I thought it would,"   Jack said as he leaned down to accept a kiss from Gavin, then returning one of his own. "Thought if you could get away, you could buy me lunch."

"Can't think of anything I'd like better. I want to hear all about how you beat the bad guys."  Gavin grabbed Jack's arm and pulled him out of the office and down the hall.  He called to Missy on their way out the door. "Going to take Jack to lunch. Don't know when I'll be back." then under his breath so only Jack could hear,  "maybe I can talk him into taking the afternoon off."

"I heard that Gavin McCourt!" Missy called from her desk.  "Remember, you have a meeting at two o'clock."  She laughed and waved to Jack. "Good seeing you Jack, but "Wonder Boy" has to be back in two hours." 

"He'll be back.  I won't let him talk me into anything." Jack smiled, waving back to Missy as they headed out the door of the offices of Mc2, named for Gavin McCourt and his business partner, Jeff McKenna. 

The building was located across from the new strip mall.  Most every building in this area was relatively new.  The building that housed Gavin's offices was one of the older ones, but still very nice. The rent was a little high, but it hadn't taken Gavin and Jeff long to justify going for a more successful looking location. There were several other businesses located in Gavin's building, with other buildings that housed offices lined up along the road across from the mall.  Across the street were various stores and restaurants. There seemed to be a new restaurant going up every other week. 

"What are you hungry for?" Jack asked, as they crossed the street, heading towards the area where most of the restaurants had gone up. 

”The Crab Shack," Gavin answered, pulling Jack in the direction of his favorite place to eat. 

"That's the only place you ever want to go." Jack chuckled. "I bet you haven't even tried half the new places that have gone up in this area since you moved into your office."

"I'm addicted," Gavin confessed.  "I may need a program." He looked over at Jack and noticed a little, sadness.... maybe, behind the smile on his face. He'd noticed that look quite a few times over the past month or so.  "Well, I guess this is *your* celebration lunch.  Did you want to try somewhere else for a change?" 

"Crab Shacks fine," Jack smiled, "I kind of like it too." 

"You can enter the program with me then.  I knew you were just as addicted as I am. You just don't like to admit any vices. We'll try one of the other restaurants next time."  Gavin pulled Jack towards the stairs to the Shack. "We're a little early.  Probably beat the lunch crowd. We'll most likely be able to get a seat right way." 

After they were seated and told the waitress what drinks they wanted, Jack peered over his menu and smiled at Gavin, who was playing with his silverware and tapping his foot to the music playing over the speakers, not even glancing at the menu.  

"If your going to eat at the same place almost everyday, the least you could do is order something different once in awhile."

"It's not the *place* I'm addicted to Jack, it's the Choptank Crab Fritters." Gavin confessed yet again. "I'll try something else, next time."  He tilted his head, a smirk turned up his mouth. "And just what are you having?"

'Mmm, let's see," Jack looked back down, making a great show of studying the menu. "I think I'll have the....Choptank Crab Fritters." 

"I hope we can find a rehab that has two openings, Mr. Attorney," Gavin chuckled. "I couldn't bare it if we had to be separated for a six week program."

The waitress returned with their drinks and took Jack's order, knowing ahead of time what Gavin wanted. 

"So, what happened this morning with the trial?" Gavin asked, resting his chin on his hand, after Jack had pulled the spoon out of his reach to keep him from tapping the table along with the music. 

Jack gave the highlights of the trial, just the facts and nothing but the facts.  There was no emotion in his voice as he spoke. No excitement over the winning of it. Gavin searched Jack's face, once again noticing the sadness in it.  Wondering what could be bothering him; he wrapped his foot around Jack's leg and laid his hand on top of Jack's. 

"Okay, what's going on," Gavin asked, looking into Jack's eyes. "You should be excited about the way the trail ended.  You've been busting your ass for the past month over it." Gavin gave a chuckle, "or busting *my* ass."

"I have not busted *your* ass over this trial, monster," Jack laughed.  "Any ass busting that came your way was only due to the escapades in the continuing saga of Gavin McCourt, "Wonder Boy" and you know it." Jack squeezed Gavin's hand and took a drink of his coke with the other.

Gavin shrugged, giving Jack a smile of pure innocence.  Okay, so any trouble he found himself in WAS usually brought on by his own "escapades".  But that didn't change the fact that something had been bothering Jack for awhile now.  Gavin had shrugged it off as just being consumed by this trial and all the preparation it had taken.  Now that it was over and the outcome was all he had hoped for, things should be back to normal.  The sad and distracted look should have vanished.  But Gavin could see that it was still there. 

"Well, you have been busting *your* ass over it.  You've been distracted and, well, kind of sad for the past month.  I just put it down to being busy with preparing for this trial and all," Gavin looked Jack straight in the eyes, "but the look is *still* there." 

Leaning back in his chair, Gavin crossed his arms over his chest and mimicked a look Jack was an expert at giving to him when he wasn't being completely honest or trying to hide something he knew would mean trouble for him.

Cocking his eyebrow in a very Jack like way Gavin said, "You got something you need to tell me, eh Jack?" 

Jack smiled across the table.  He knew Gavin was imitating him.  Gavin had the mannerisms down pat, but something was missing in the interpretation.  There was too much mischief in those green eyes and trying to look stern wasn't an impression he could completely pull off.   

But there were some things he did need to tell Gavin.  Things he'd been thinking about for awhile now.   

"Yeah, there are some things I do need to talk to you about," Jack said, his smile looking a little wry. 

Gavin cocked his eyebrow a little higher and leaned further back in his chair. "I thought so.  Is this something I'm not going to like, Mr. Attorney?  Do you need me to help you get started?"   

Jack laughed out loud at that.  God, how many times had he asked Gavin that very same thing? 

Changing characters, Gavin put his hand over his heart and sighed dramatically, "You haven't found someone else, have you?  That must be it.  You just haven't been able to figure out how to tell me." 

"Mmmm yeah, the blonde law clerk that just started at the office.  He threw himself at me.  I was carried away by passion and we're running away together." Jack said with a chuckle. 

Placing his elbows back on the table and resting his chin in his hands, Gavin winked. "Well, now that we have that sorted out, how 'bout telling me what's really wrong." 

The waitress reappeared with their food, interrupting Jack's answer. Gavin leaned back in his seat again, eyeing his Choptank Crab an addict waiting for a fix. 

When the waitress left them again Gavin looked up from his plate, reverting back to imitating Jack, he cocked an eyebrow and said as sternly as he could, "I'm waiting for an answer, Jack." 

"You're really getting into this reversal of roles.  I'd be careful not to let the power go to your head.  I'm still bigger than you."  Jack’s smiled turned a little serious.  "Nothings really wrong, but there are some things I need to talk over with you."   

“Sounds serious.”  Gavin leaned his elbows on the table, giving Jack his full attention.

"I got an offer to join the prosecutor’s office.  You know how I've been doing a little pro bono work, on call type of thing, just to keep my hand in criminal law."  Jack paused to take a bite of crab.  Well, last month, after I handled the defense in the Jacoby case, Jim Burns, the DA asked me about coming on board.  There's a position opening up.   He seems to think I'd enjoy criminal law more than copyright law. Not in private practice, not defending. know, prosecuting. He's called me a couple of times and I talked with him again at the courthouse this morning."

A big smile appeared on Gavin's face.  "THAT is GREAT!"  He was almost bouncing off of his seat. "Why haven't you mentioned these talks before now?  I know this is something you've always had in the back of your mind." 

“Yeah, it has I guess.”  Jack smiled at Gavin’s excitement.

Gavin grinned. "I've always thought you'd make a great prosecutor.  I mean, you're good at copyright and all, but you're true calling is cross examining the bad guys. I know that from experience." 

Jack chuckled at Gavin, rolling his eyes. "You're not a *bad* guy. And I wasn't even sure it was something worth talking about.  I have been giving it a lot of thought though.  It just wouldn't go away." 

“Great!”  Gavin thought being a prosecutor sounded much more exciting that copyright stuff.

Jack leaned forward in his seat, elbows on the table and began voicing his concerns. “We’re talking about a significant cut in pay here Gavin. Right from the beginning.  And as far as earning potential, staying where I am I'll eventually make partner.  Working for the DA will mean just a twice monthly paycheck.  There's a damn big difference in income here. This is something that we're going to have to talk over together, decide if it's even feasible." 

"What's not feasible about it? If it's something you want to do, DO IT.  That's what you said when I was thinking about opening up my own business." Gavin gave Jack another poor Jack impression, tilting his head to the side, puckering his forehead in a frown. "If it's what you want, we can figure out a way to do it.  My business is looking good, Jack.  We're making more money every month."

"Yes, and most of that money still needs to be put back in to the business.  At least for a little longer." Jack took a bite of his crab and pointed his fork at Gavin, "We'll need to sit down together and find out how much we need each month, for bills, savings, remodeling of the house."

"We make way more than enough to cover our expenses.  We hardly have any debt, other than the house and our car payments.  You've seen to that.  Our school loans are paid off." Gavin smiled and gave Jack a wink. "You just might have to adjust to not having as much extra to put in savings.  That's what's really bugging you." 

"I know we could get by on it and you're right." Jack laughed. "I would have to adjust to less savings."  

"But think about this Gavin,” Jack continued, looking perfectly serious, this man who thought a vacation meant staying home and working on the house,  "if I stay where I am and make partner, let's say for instance,  we wanted  take off for a month and go to Europe or something like that down the road.  We wouldn't be able to do that if I took this position." 

This was said just as Gavin had taken a drink of his coke and after hearing it..... he choked. Then coughed.  Laughter gurgling up from his throat.  Coke spewed everywhere!  On the table.  Down the front of his clothes.  Some of it even made its way across the table and landed right on Jack's crisp white shirt. 

Looking up at Jack with tears in his eyes, coughing and laughing at the same time, Gavin sputtered. 

"When....have..we...EVER.. done ..that?"

After more coughing and choked laughter escaped out of his mouth he tried talking again.

"When..have..we ever TALKED about...doing..that? 

More chokes and sputters made there way from his throat. 

" ....been... this with.... someone..else...behind my back?"

Gavin then burst out in hysterical laughter.  He just couldn’t help it!

Since Gavin was enjoying himself to much to clean up the mess he'd made, Jack began wiping his shirt front with his napkin. He waved for the waitress and then began trying to clean up the mess on the table.   

When the waitress approached them Jack looked up at her; a wry look on his face. "My friend here seems to be having a fit or something. Could you please bring me a rag and I'll try and clean this up?"

The waitress smiled then giggled at Gavin, who was still unable to control his laughter. "Be right back with a rag." 

"Okay, Smart Ass," Jack said, trying hard not to laugh.  "You can stop laughing now." 

"I'm trying," Gavin choked out, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.  "But Jack....that was just about the funniest damn thing I've ever.. heard you say."

He then burst out laughing again. 

After a few more minutes of uncontrolled laughter, Gavin tried to compose himself. As funny as Jack's statement was to him, he knew Jack was serious in his concerns.  He also knew that this was something that Jack really wanted to do.  After swallowing one last bubble of laughter that was trying to work its way up his throat, he tried talking again.

"So what if we wouldn't be able to do all the things we COULD do if you took this position.  WE aren't that extravagant anyway. We'd get by just fine.  Better than most."   Gavin shrugged his shoulders, lifting his palms up, "A year or two down the road and I'll be able to take more money out as income. Eventually, if all goes well, I can take you to Europe for month, if that's what you want.  Although, I've never heard you mention wanting to do that before." 

“I was just using that as an example of how things would change.”  Jack was starting to feel better already.

”Not a very good example, since we’ve never even talked about doing all that stuff.”  Gavin laughed, scratching his head, he gave Jack a perplexed look. "You know, you're beginning to sound an awful lot like me.  Thinking up a million "what ifs" that get in the way of doing what you really want to do."

Jack started to speak, but Gavin interrupted him.

"You love the law, Jack.  This kind of law. When you transferred to the copyright department of the firm it was because you were tired of defending people you knew were guilty." 

"Everyone has a right to a fair..." Jack started, but Gavin interrupted again.

"trial, I know.  And I know you believe that.  Really believe it.  That's why we need people like you in the Prosecutors office. You're one of the good guys, Jack."  Gavin searched Jack’s face; the pride in who and what this man was sitting across from him evident in his eyes. "You believe in "justice for all".

"I just want us to be aware of how this could change things, not just now, but our whole future." Jack was beginning to feel better about taking this position.  He really did want to do it.  He should have talked with Gavin before.

"Well, I'm more than fine with it. I WANT you to do it," Gavin said, and then the mischief found its way back into that green gaze. "But... you may need to talk this over with that guy you've been doing all this traveling with.  HE may have a problem with it."

Bursting into hysterics again, Gavin completely knocked his coke over and in to his Choptank Crab Fritters. 

He didn't even care.  He'd just eat some of Jack's.

After lunch, Gavin returned to work with a promise from Jack that he'd call Jim Burns and make an appointment to discuss the position in detail.  He was thankful he kept an extra shirt in his closet at the office.  He was going to need to change into it before his meeting.


"Gav, you've hit the snooze alarm on that thing about ten times," Jack said, standing in the doorway between their bedroom and the master bath. He was already showered and dressed.  "I knew you were going to have trouble getting up this morning.  You've been burning the candle at both ends for the past two weeks. Getting to bed later and later. This is why I wanted you to go to bed at a decent hour last night."  

Jack walked over to the end of the bed and pulled at the covers and yanked them off of Gavin, bunching them at the end of the bed.  

"You've been a bear to get out of bed lately," he said, pulling on Gavin's toes. "It's like a battle every morning. Just get up and into the shower.  It'll wake you up." 

"Just a couple more minutes," Gavin muttered into his pillow, pulling his legs up to keep the Grandfather Clock at the foot of his bed from grabbing at his toes.
"Come on." Jack reached over the foot of the bed to grab at Gavin's toes again.  "If you hurry we can have a little breakfast together before you see me off on my first day as ADA."   

When Gavin just moaned and hid his head under his pillow, Jack decided being Mr. Nice Guy wasn't cutting it.

"Get up, Gavin. Now. You can plan on being in bed by ten o'clock tonight, but if you're feet don't hit the floor in one second, we can just make it nine." 

Realizing that he wasn't going to have any peace until he got up and that Jack WOULD make him go to bed at nine if he didn't, Gavin's feet hit the floor. He was working on a big account and knew he'd have more to do this evening.  Going to bed at nine wasn't an option.   

Moaning, he pushed himself up and sat on the edge of the bed.  Through bleary eyes Gavin fixed Jack with a sleepy scowl. "What's the problem any how?  I'm not going to be late. I think I know how much time I need." 

Jack frowned and gave Gavin a quiet look of appraisal.  He had a serious case of bed head; his usually bright clear eyes were red and filled with sleep. Dark circles were forming beneath them.  The scowl looked more like it came from a cranky toddler rather that a full grown man.   

"Man, *you* are definitely going to bed at nine tonight," Jack said, staring at Gavin's pitiful looking face.

He'd been so busy the last couple of weeks, clearing things up at the law firm he was leaving and studying the legal journals in preparation for this new position at the DA's office, he apparently hadn't been paying close enough attention to Gavin. Gavin’s mind and body were constantly busy, and by the end of the day he was usually exhausted.  Sleep being the only time he ever shut down completely.  And Gavin on to little sleep was a headache waiting to happen.  

"You said if I got up right this second it'd be ten o'clock. And I DID get up." Gavin pushed himself up from the bed.  "You CAN'T just change your mind like that for NO reason." 

"I have a reason.  I *looked* at you," Jack said, heading for the bathroom to start the shower for Gavin.  "It's nine tonight for you.  I wouldn't even try to argue about it.  For the past two weeks we've done nothing but argue over you going to bed and then I have to fight to get you up the next morning.  It ends today." 

Gavin stomped into the bathroom; glaring at the perfect picture of a fully dressed and ready, perfectly happy to be up this morning, Jack Ryan.  He was leaning over the bathtub, turning on the shower and he was REALLY getting on Gavin's last nerve.  

"I'm perfectly capable of starting my on shower, Mr. District Attorney. I AM a grown man." 

"And *I* am perfectly capable of losing my patience with you." Lifting his hand up, Jack showed a minuscule space between his thumb and forefinger. "I'm this close to doing that Gavin."  Then showing that space again he repeated slowly. "This... close." 

Knowing one more word from him could cause a nuclear reaction; Gavin bit his tongue from saying anything else.  He did however, stomp to the bathtub and push open the door from the other end the shower, keeping a safe distance from Jack.  After climbing in, he shut his door and then pushed the other sliding door Jack had opened to turn on the water closed, barely giving him enough time to get his arm out of the way. 

Jack stood up and leaned his head back, searching the bathroom ceiling for patience.  He didn't find any there. He was just beginning to realize just how much he’d NOT been paying attention to Gavin the past few weeks.  He figured it would take a week or so for them to get back in a routine; but it was starting today.

After getting out of the shower, which hadn't improved his mood and drying off, Gavin dropped his towel on the floor and grabbed his boxers off the vanity. Bending over to place a foot through the leg, he bellowed out an "OW" as a large hand connected with his bare backside. 

"Hey, what was that for!" Gavin complained, rubbing the sting the swat had created.  He stood in the middle of the bathroom, one leg in and one leg out of his boxers and turned to fix a glare at the offender. 

"The towel doesn't belong on the floor," Jack said, pointing to the object that had only been lying there for two seconds at the most. 

"God, Jack.  Can't a man put on his shorts?  The thing's ONLY been there for a second, for crying out loud!"  Gavin rolled his eyes at the ceiling.  "I know you're nervous about your first day in the DA's office, but you don't have to take it out on me. You're being down right impossible this morning." 

Not looking nervous in the least, Jack gave Gavin a look.  "I'm not nervous about today. At all!  Don't blame me on your convenient forgetfulness and sleep deprived bad mood." He pointed again at the towel. "We have, however, had the discussion about THIS floor and YOUR wet towels. More than once.  We talked about this when we decided to put in the wood flooring instead of tile.  We knew we'd have to be careful about dampness or it's going to separate.  You understood it, agreed to it, even argued that it HAD to be this floor." 

"It was only a sec..." Gavin started to whine. 

"You said the same thing Friday and just about every other day since we put the floor down. Then it ends up lying there for the rest of the day, unless I happen to see it before we leave." Jack crossed his arms.  "I told you Friday night, when I came home to find it still laying there that it was going to stop, Gavin.   

"Now settle down and get dressed. I've given you enough chances.  Just take that swat as a warning and be thankful I reminded you to pick it up now."  Pointing a finger at Gavin he gave a final warning.  "Because if I come home one more time and find one on the floor, you’re going to be sorry. You’ve been warned too many times as it is."  

Turning towards the vanity mirror, Jack picked up his hairbrush and started brushing his thick black hair.  "We can't afford to put in a new floor every year because you keep forgetting to pick up your towels." 

Turning around so he wasn't offering such a convenient target, Gavin bent over and finished putting his boxers on.  Grumbling under his breath he pulled them up in jerking motions.  He placed his hands on his hips and sent Jack's back a glare, although it could be seen very clearly from his reflection in the mirror. 

"I should've known you'd start in on not being able to afford things now that you've taken this position. I figured THAT would happen, just NOT on your first day." Gavin turned around and stomped in to the bedroom.

"Gavin, I just warned you for the last time.  I've completely run out of patience," Jack called out to the stomping Gavin.  He looked back in to the mirror searching for that patience again.  He didn't find any there either.

Gavin continued muttering and opening and closing doors and drawers, rather loudly. He was in a grumpy mood this morning and felt as though Jack were picking on him.  

But he did have these little guilt elves hammering in his head, trying to escape.  He could hear one little fellow calling out through the stone he was pounding on with a little elf hammer, "This is Jack's first day at his new career and you're being a real asshole of a partner Gavin McCourt"

"Shut up you little bastard!" Gavin growled at the little elf, then yanked on the only drawer left he hadn't opened, just a little too hard, pulling it completely out of it's home. It dropped upside down onto the dresser, the corner of it hitting the mirror with a crack.   

The shower hadn't done a very good job in waking him up, but the sound of the drawer cracking that mirror had Gavin's bleary eyes practically bulging out of their sockets.  A little whimper escaped through his throat and out of the corner of his eye he saw the tall imposing shadow of the new Assistant District Attorney filling the doorway. 

Turning towards the doorway and facing his executioner Gavin held out both hands in front of him, palms up and took two steps back.

"I...I..can explain," he whimpered again, then took another step back when he noticed Jack still held the hair brush he'd been using in the bathroom. 

Oh God, he was already ARMED!. 

"I really don't think an explanation is necessary." Jack moved further into the bedroom, still holding that damn brush with his right hand, he started tapping it against the other palm.  "We don't need a forensic team to look for clues as to what went on in here.  Pretty obvious from all the slamming I heard from the next room.  And I think I might have even heard you call me a "bastard?"." 

"No...No!  I didn't call YOU a bastard.  It was this..uh..."  Gavin closed his eyes and lifted a hand up to tap his head, "this see.  I was just imagining these....well, elves...."  He shook his head, realizing he sounded completely insane. "Never mind....I was just...thinking out loud." 

Jack looked over to the dresser and took a mental inventory of the cracked mirror and upside down drawer still lying on top. Oh yes, it was way past time for things to get back to normal. That crease appeared just between his brows.

"You know what?  I'm not even going to ask about the elves or anything else. No explanations are necessary or even wanted at this point." 

Still holding the brush in his right hand, Jack grabbed Gavin's arm with his left and pulled him towards the bed.   

"Nope, you’ve had your last warning and I’m through talking."   

With that said Jack sat down on the bed and pulled Gavin over his knees in one move.  The briefs were pulled down in seconds and that damn brush connected with his backside a second after that.   

Gavin’s breath completely left him after that first swat.  Not even a yelp or a howl could find its way out.  With no warm up from Jack’s hand, that brush felt like it was leaving permanent burn marks on his ass. 

After about the sixth swat he got enough breath in him to wail out a "Pleeeasse stop!"  He tried without success to cover the target with his right hand and it was immediately grabbed and pressed to the small of his back.  Not being able to move anything but his legs, Gavin kicked and squirmed, trying without any success to escape the flames.  After the last swat, Jack pulled Gavin up from his lap and grabbed his arms in front of him, preventing him from rubbing out the fire he knew was back there. It didn't prevent Gavin's feet from dancing foot to foot; wiggling like that brush was still connecting. Tears were running down his distorted face and he was having trouble catching his breath. 

Jack Ryan hadn't even broken a sweat.

Still holding Gavin's arms, he stood up from the bed and turned Gavin to the side, swatting him on his already flaming backside with his hand to get him moving.   

"You have ten minutes to wash your face, get dressed and be downstairs at the kitchen table."  He waved towards the mess on the dresser as he walked by. "That includes cleaning up this mess.  You better make damn sure I don't have to come up here and get you."

Jack walked out the bedroom door leaving a still sobbing Gavin McCourt, with his shorts banded about his ankles, wishing he could crawl back in bed and start this morning all over again.

Gavin made it down to the kitchen table in just under nine minutes. He wasn't taking any chances on Jack having to come after him.  His cereal and juice were already sitting on the kitchen bar.  Jack apparently had already finished eating and was drinking his coffee and reading the morning paper. 

He approached the bar somewhat reluctantly and stood beside the stool.  Picking up his glass of juice, he took a drink, eyeing Jack from over the glass.   

Jack didn't even look up from his paper; he just said "Sit" and continued with his reading. 

Giving Jack a pitiful look that went completely unnoticed, Gavin slowly inched his way on the stool, wincing a little as his butt connected with it.  He didn't know HOW he was ever going to be able to sit at his desk today.

Those little guilt elves were back, calling to him again through the stone of his brain, "This is his first day on the job. You should've fixed Jack's breakfast this morning, you little ingrate."  

Looking up from his cereal he said in a soft voice, "Sorry I've been such an ass this morning.  This being your first day with the D.A. I should have been up cooking you a big breakfast." 

He chewed on his bottom lip and played with his spoon.  "I've probably ruined your whole day now." 

Jack folded his paper and laid it on the counter.  He picked up his dishes and headed toward the sink giving Gavin a wry smile.   

"Oh no!  You haven't ruined my day at all.  I have so much adrenaline running through my body right now I could take on every criminal in the state."

"I'll make it up to you,"  Gavin promised.  He was feeling really bad about being so mean to Jack this morning.  Gavin hated feeling guilty worse than anything.

Walking back over to the counter where Gavin sat, Jack quickly leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. 

"I know you will.  I've got to take off.  Want to be at the office a little early this morning." 

Gavin grabbed Jack's arm before he could take off and pulled him down for a more personal goodbye. "Good luck today.  I know you'll be a great District Attorney." He kissed him again.  "I really will make this up to you."

Gavin pulled the blue feed striped Rugby shirt over his head.  It was Jack's favorite.  He picked up the brush and looked at it, thinking seriously about pitching the damn thing.  He figured that might be a mistake.  If Jack wanted to use that brush on him again, and being the ever eternal optimist Gavin always hoped there would never be a next time and couldn't find it, he might conger up something worse to use. 

Gavin KNEW there WERE worse things, but right this minute he couldn’t think of any. He still had trouble sitting down.   

He shrugged and ran the brush through his still damp blond waves.  He had left the office early, leaving his work behind at the office for a change and ran home to prepare Jack a "first day as DA celebration dinner".  After the way he'd acted this morning, he thought Jack deserved something special.  

He'd prepared the Irish Pot Pie dish that Jack loved.  He'd only made it once before, having gotten the recipe from Jack's Mom.  It was now baking in the oven.  The table was already set.  The salad prepared and sitting in the fridge.  He had a bottle of wine cooling in the wine cooler.  He was showered and fresh, ready to make everything up to Jack for his temper tantrum and just general grumpiness..

Hearing the garage door open, he laid the brush back on the dresser and eyed the cracked mirror that hadn't magically repaired itself while they were at work today.  Gavin made a mental note to take it to the glass shop to be replaced as he bounced out the bedroom door and down the stairs to greet Jack. 

Gavin greeted Jack as soon as he opened the door.  Lifting his arms and putting his hands around his neck, he pulled Jack down for a deep kiss before he had a chance to say anything. 

"Well, that's a nice surprise to open the door to." Jack returned the kiss and rested his head on Gavin's forehead. "What's the occasion?"

"We're celebrating your first day on the job.  I have dinner already in the oven, should be done in about forty-five minutes.  Salads already made. Table's already set." Gavin waved a hand towards the kitchen counter and the wine cooler.  "Wine's already cooling." 

Rubbing the back of Jack's neck, Gavin continued on with his plans for the evening.  "All you have to do is relax and tell me about your first day.  I even stopped and rented a movie for later." He gave Jack a wink. 

"After that, who knows what might happen.  I've always fantasized about "doing" a prosecutor.  All that power is pretty tempting stuff." 

"I'm glad I changed career paths then."  Jack chuckled and pushed Gavin back to look in his eyes; still not liking the dark circles beneath them. It was way past time for them to get things back on track; no wonder Gavin had been pushing things this morning. Bringing a hand up, he patted Gavin on the cheek.  "And this all sounds like a wonderful plan.  I only hope we can cram it all in before nine o'clock tonight." 

"Nine...?" Gavin eyes widened as the meaning of that statement sunk into his brain. He sighed, looking disappointed but resigned. "Oh yeah, I forgot about that." 

"*I* didn't." Jack leaned down and kissed his forehead. "I'll run up and change, clean up a little.  Why don't you go ahead and pour us some wine before dinner?  I'll be back down in a minute."

"Hurry then."  Gavin uncorked the wine and poured a bit into each of the wineglasses.  Maybe if they stayed on schedule they could get most of what he had planned for the evening accomplished.  They could just skip the movie part of it. 

Gavin didn't want to miss out on the "doing" the prosecutor part.  He wasn't joking about that fantasy. 

"That didn't take long." Gavin said when heard Jack's footsteps enter the kitchen. Picking up both glasses he turned from the counter to hand a glass to Jack.  Only to discover a very perturbed looking man standing in the center of the kitchen.  His hand was held out in front of him holding what looked like a VERY wet towel. 

Crap.  Gavin was sure he'd picked that towel up.  He was going to.  He distinctly remembered thinking about it.  He sat the glasses back on the counter and held out his hands in sort of a pleading gesture. 

"I was trying to hurry, you see.  I wanted everything to be ready when you got home."  Gavin eyes were doing his best puppy dog imitation. 

Jack walked past Gavin, dropping the very wet towel over his outstretched pleading hand on his way to the basement the door.  Opening the door he gave Gavin a slight bow and waved his own hand in a gesture that said "after you". 

"But Jaaack, my butt hasn't even recovered from this morning.  I swear to you I had a hard time sitting all day today." 

The hand just waved again, a little less patiently.  It said "AFTER YOU!"

"We're barely going to have enough time as it is to do all the things I have planned.  Dinner is almost ready."

Looking at the clock on the stove, the timer showed about forty minutes cooking time left. 

Damn, that was too much time.  

Still clutching the very wet towel, Gavin slowly started walking towards the door.  He figured he had a chance for one last plea for leniency. 

"We’re already going to have to cut out the movie part of my plans.  This could mean we have to forget about my "doing" the prosecutor fantasy." 

At that last plea, both Jack’s eyebrows rose and he cocked his head to the side.  Withholding sex as a weapon to get what they wanted wasn't a game he or Jack played.  They both enjoyed each other too much to ever use that as a weapon.

"I didn't mean *I* wanted to forget about it." Gavin took a few more steps towards the door.  "I just meant we were going to run out of time....I mean YOU said I had to be in bed by nine." 

The hand just waved again, this time a little faster.   

Gavin made it to the door entrance.  Figuring he wasn't going to get out of this no matter how he pleaded, he edged his way through the door, keeping his back to the door frame and his backside safe from any further encouragement to move faster.  He made it past the door and to the first step on the stairway without any "help". 

His butt was safe.  Well, for at least two minutes anyway.  

He gave a little sigh of relief. 

A little to soon. 


Gavin rested his head on Jack's chest; Jack’s fingers were gently rubbing his back; it kind of tickled but it always relaxed him..  That along with the sound of Jack's heartbeat against his ear was like being rocked to sleep.

Jack rested his chin on the top of Gavin's head, slightly rubbing it against his hair.

"Told you we'd have enough time."

"Mmmm...."  Gavin sighed and snuggled deeper.

"So, was it any different?  Doing a prosecutor."  Jack smiled against Gavin’s hair.

Gavin lifted his head up. "Well, he kind of reminds me of this certain attorney I've been "doing it" with for about seven years now."

Jack chuckled, the vibration from his chest felt almost as good as the sound of his heartbeat.  "No different, uh?"

Gavin rested his head back against Jack's chest.  "Well, this attorney guy is the same guy in all my fantasies.  Sometimes he's a pirate and sometimes he's cowboy.  But it's always the same guy."

"Yeah?”  Jack kissed Gavin's head. “I feel the same way about this marketing genius I know."

Gavin smiled against his chest.  "I know."