Fly Me to the Moon
   by Rusty

“Fly me to Aruba!  Jamaica!…the MOON! Anywhere where there isn’t SNOW!”

…Gavin bellowed as he shoved the door open, bundled from head to toe and looking very much like the abominable snowman, he ripped off his gloves, stomped the snow from his boots, jerked off his coat and screeched……!

“GOD, is it EVER going to stop snowing!?”

Jack looked up from the sink, cocked one brow towards Gavin, let out a slightly exasperated sigh, and silently prayed for patience.  Complaining could be part of Gavin’s charm - at times. But after being snowed inside the house for three solid days; it was becoming less charming by the hour!

“Back so soon?” Jack asked, not trying to hide the exasperation in his voice.

“What?” Gavin stuck his nose in the air as he pulled the wool cap off his head. “Didn’t you miss me?”

“How could I miss you, Gav?” Jack answered as he turned on the tap and rinsed Gavin’s favorite coffee cup out, “You were only gone 20 minutes. Besides, I could see you shoveling the drive from the window.”

“I’m SICK of being snowed in, Jack!”

Gavin plopped down on a barstool, plopped his elbows on the counter, plopped his chin on his palm, and…Pouted.


He’d been doing that for the past two days.

In between the snarling, snapping and complaining.

Two LONG days.

Aside from the occasional morning – when he was grumpy from too little sleep and getting him up and out the door to work was next to impossible - Gavin loved going to work, he loved what he did. And Jack knew that Gavin needed the structure that working away from the house gave him. He needed to know that he had to *be* somewhere at a certain time every morning - just like he needed to know that he had to be home at a certain time every night.  And in between, he needed the creative stimulation and social interaction that being at the office gave him.

Gavin thrived within that structure; it helped in giving him the focus he needed to organize all of that creativity, ingenuity and imagination into something concrete. Without that structure, those wonderful qualities and that quirky Gavin-like logic could turn into a hodgepodge of disarranged details that left him chasing his tail. And that’s when all of that creative talent tended to transform into what could only be called - Gavin-like Chaos.

And nothing could be more chaotic, than Gavin-like Chaos!

When they had first started thinking of opening their own business Gavin and Jeff had been so excited. They had talked for hours about all of the ideas they had for Mc2, planning for it, dreaming about it. And even though ‘thinking ahead’ had never been one of Gavin’s strong suits, the closer those dreams came to becoming a reality, he had become almost obsessed WITH thinking ahead - and the absolute certainty that they were going to fail. The thought of signing a contract that indentured them to several years of paying rent for office space - when he was convinced they would only be using it for a few months - had Gavin in a panic. 

Up until then, Jack had been moral support, head- cheerleader and legal advisor - leaving the business details to the experts.  But when Gavin came to him with his plan to fix up the den so that he and Jeff could work out of the house in order to save money -‘just in case Mc2 bombed’, Jack had elected himself Chairman of the Board and immediately stamped a huge VETO on that idea.

Jack may not have been an expert in marketing or advertising, but he was the Foremost Leading Expert on Gavin Michael McCourt. And knowing him the way he did, Jack knew that working out of the house would be setting him up for failure. Besides, there had never been one single doubt in Jack’s mind that Gavin would make a success of Mc2. That was a given.

And Gavin loved his office, it fit him – a mix of trendy and old fashioned, quirky and classic. He was proud of it and the work he did there.

But Jack also knew that Gavin loved being home most of all. He loved this old house; he swore he could feel its heartbeat. He loved planning the remodeling projects, choosing paint colors, moldings and floor coverings. He loved fussing over it, finding things to decorate it with; special things that made if feel like home. And more than anything, Jack knew that Gavin loved being home with him. Coming home to him.

So the fact that they hadn’t left the house once in the past three days wouldn’t normally be a hardship for Gavin. It was more the fact that he *couldn’t* leave the house - that was driving him crazy.

And driving Jack crazy in the bargain!

Jack filled Gavin’s cup with instant cocoa and hot water from the sink dispenser. Not like how mom used to make it, but he added several marshmallows to give it a more personal touch. After filling a cup for himself he carried both cups to the counter, handed Gavin his and sat down on the other barstool.

“Lose the pout, Gavin.” Jack cocked both brows towards Gavin from over his cup of chocolate.

“I’m not pouting!” Gavin objected, insulted to say the least.  And well he should be! Pouting was an insulting description used to describe a two year old.

And it didn’t come anywhere CLOSE to describing the sullen, morose, gloomy, smoldering, Heathcliffishly brooding mood he was in! 

“I just don’t see why we can’t GO somewhere.” Gavin complained, trying for a Heathcliffishly Brooding Look to match his mood.  “While I was out shoveling the drive, I saw at least ten cars go by.”

“I’ve told you before - even though you are well aware of it without my telling you- we’re in the middle of a Level-Two weather advisory.” Jack explained yet again. “‘Only under extreme Necessity should anyone be driving’. And ‘Necessity’ doesn’t include ‘Because I’m bored’”.

“Well, you’ll change your mind about that, when *I’m bored* turns into *I’m crazy*….” Gavin grouched, “…and the guys in white coats come to haul me away.” 

Jack’s ears were starting to ring. “Thousands of people are in the same boat we’re in.”

“Well, not everyone! I told you, I saw people driving!”  Gavin envied those lucky bastards. “It’s not like it’s a Level-Three advisory. Your SUV has 4-wheel drive. That is what it’s for, you know? What good does it do if you hide it in the garage when it snows?”

“I’m saving it for a Level One snow storm.” 

“Yeah, a Pansy SUV, that’s what you have!”

“Gavin”..,    Jack rubbed his forehead, patience wearing thin, and it had nothing to do with just having his SUV insulted, “most everything is closed, just where do you think we could go?

“The supermarket is open, and the drug store, and…,” Gavin answered, pausing a second before leaning forward and resting his elbows on the counter - Bathroom and lighting fixtures, Jacuzzis and Corian Countertops,  paint cans and wood stains were practically dancing in his eyes and grunting in his heart….Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh…..

“….Lowe’s and Home Depot are *both* open!”  

“How do you know that?”

“Because I called to check.” Gavin explained, shrugging his shoulders, hands held out in front of him, palms up.

“I see.” Jack sat his cup on the counter with a click. He didn’t appreciate Gavin’s….resourcefulness? to say the least. “Gavin let me make myself clear, because apparently I’ve failed to do that over the past 48 hours….”

“I don’t care how many cars you counted driving down our street. The weather advisory aside, although anyone with any common sense would listen to it, *I* am telling you for the very last time that *we* are not going anywhere. And I’m advising *you* to drop it.”

“Jack, I didn’t say I was *going* anywhere. I just mentioned that they were open!”

Gavin was insulted again. It wasn’t like he was planning on sneaking out of the house and absconding with Jack’s Pansy-ass 4-wheel drive, for crying out loud! He might not have a whole lot of respect for Level-Two weather advisories, but he had more respect for Jack than that….and what Jack would DO if he ever TRIED it!

Jack Ryan would be what they’d call a – Level-Ten Advisory!

“But that doesn’t mean that I have to be *happy* about it.” Gavin said broodingly, knowing he’d been a major bastard since about noon yesterday, when the novelty of being snowbound had worn off. But he just couldn’t seem to stop himself.

“I know that you’re in a foul mood, being snowbound isn’t pleasant and you have every right to feel annoyed about that. I know I am.  Everyone is. And even though I’ve had it about up to here,” Jack lifted his arm way above his head, to show just how far his patience had been stretched, “with your sniping, snarling, plopping and pouting, I do understand how you feel. 

“I… Gavin started to explain the HUGE difference between Brooding and Pouting.

But… ,” Jack interrupted him, “I don’t want to hear another word about ‘going’ anywhere.” He pinned Gavin with Look. “Are we clear?”

“Yes.” Gavin answered, after hearing the ‘Final Warning’ in Jack’s voice and that ..LOOK.

“Now, we can play trivial pursuit, you can play on the computer, you can check out that discipline fiction group you like so much? Or we can go back upstairs and play another game of Good Cop/Bad Cop?” Jack suggested, knowing those were things Gavin enjoyed. “Hopefully the weather will break soon; the roads could be cleared off by Saturday. We can call some of the guys and make plans to meet them at Mulligan’s for some pool. We can go to a movie; spend the day at Home Depot, whatever you want. It’s just a couple of more days.”

“Trivial Pursuit sounds okay.” Gavin shrugged, as games went Good Cop/Bad Cop would normally be his first choice; he loved that. But it seemed to him that they were already playing *that* game and this version of it wasn’t very much fun! A couple of days sounded like a lifetime! “I’ll call some of the guys; see if they want to meet at Mulligan’s.”

“Sounds good.”  Jack smiled over at Gavin, not taking offense at his choice of games or Saturday activities. Knowing Gavin, by this time next week, when they were both playing catch-up at work after being homebound the past few days, he’d be complaining that they never had enough alone time and wishing for a few days of having nowhere to go.

“You know, Jack”, Gavin said, deciding that bitching wasn’t getting him anywhere and he wouldn’t like where it would take him anyway. He decided to try for a more sympathetic approach. From the look on Jack’s face - if he didn’t stop bitching he’d need all sympathy he could get! “I think I must suffer from that Seasonal Affective Disorder? Lack of sunlight causes depression you know?”

“hmm,” Jack cleared his throat. Gavin had no doubt - read about stuff like that “Does it cause …contrariness too, I wonder?”

“Don’t sound so skeptical. It just might.’” Gavin hadn’t read that far on the subject as yet, he’d have to check it out. “Lack of sunlight is depressing. And people DO suffer from it!”

“I don’t doubt it.” Jack thought that might be one excuse for a certain very pasty white, sour-faced judge he’d been up before a time or two. But then he remembered that he’d looked just as sour in July, so it was probably some sort of chronic condition. “I’m sure a lot of people suffer from it.”

“Maybe I should start going to a tanning bed. I’ve heard that helps.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem to be a big problem for you Gav. And if it ever does become one, for more than a few days out of the whole winter - we’ll talk about it.”  Jack took a sip of his chocolate before adding, “Until then, if you need any ‘tanning’, I’ll help you.”

“God, I must be depressed. I set myself up for that one.” Gavin groaned, knowing that Jack was only *half* kidding about that didn’t bother him half as much as the UNoriginality of the pun!

Unoriginality was probably caused by Lack of Sunlight too! 

“But lack of sunlight can cause tons of things. Schizophrenia is even linked to lack of sun and…..”

“Gavin…,” Jack interrupted him, knowing his list would be Never Ending and that Gavin wouldn’t stop until the National Debt, Pat Robertson and the Cleveland Browns were all blamed on Seasonal Affective Disorder!  “…have you been reading those medical web sites again?”

“Nooo?” Gavin ducked his head. “I mean, sometimes typing in a word can cause stuff just to Pop Up and it’s ‘*right there* starring a guy right in the face!”

“Do us both a favor and avoid those sudden ‘Pop ups’.” Jack stood up and went around the bar; pulling Gavin up from his stool and giving him a swat on the butt to send him towards the living room and the Trivial Pursuit game. “Stick with Porn.

Gavin almost smiled at that.



“You’re happy we’re snowbound at home, aren’t you girl?”  Jack asked, rubbing behind Martha’s ears, her huge head resting on his knee. When she yawned, gave Jack a bored look and headed out the doorway to the stairs, he laughed.  It must be naptime. She liked having them home, but she wasn’t going to allow them to disrupt her schedule.

He shuffled the Trivial Pursuit cards as he waited for Gavin to return from the kitchen. Playing Trivial Pursuit with Gavin was an education to say the least. They really didn’t play by the rules, mostly just read the cards to each other.  Gavin was almost unbeatable; he had an endless knowledge of what he liked to call ‘useless information’ of everything from ‘Which film had Sterling Howard starting World War III’?  -to- ‘If you threw a switch in New York City, how long would it take the current to reach Los Angeles?’

Jack didn’t even know who in the hell Sterling Howard was. Whenever he’d ask Gavin, ‘how do you know that?,’ he’d shrug his shoulders, hold his hands out, palms up and say: “I must have read about that somewhere.”

He loved how Gavin’s mind worked, loved listening to him chatter, listening to his take on things, that way he had of making everything seem so– interesting, so funny. The things that Gavin remembered had never failed to amaze Jack.

“I just called Chris to ask him about Saturday!” Gavin announced, as he stomped into the living room, a plate of horderves hot from the oven in one hand. He dumped the plate on the coffee table with a thud and plopped down on the couch.

“He wasn’t home, so I called his cell. Do you know where he was?”

“Is this a Trivial Pursuit question?” 

“He was just coming out of a …*Drugstore*!” Gavin exclaimed, eyes wide, arms flung out at his sides, as if Chris going to the drugstore was equal to Neil Armstrong taking his first moon walk.  “Apparently Chris has one of those UnPansy-like 4-wheel drives and he doesn’t let a little Level-Two weather advisory stop him from going somewhere and…..”

Jack tossed the cards in his hand on the end table and leaned back on the couch. He crossed one arm over his chest, the other hand casually rubbing his chin, one brow cocked as he listened to Gavin’s tirade.

“..Chris said that there were ‘others’ out there.”  His voice lowered to a stage-like whisper, as if millions of mystical ‘others’ had invaded every drugstore in Cleveland, Ohio.   “They apparently have UnPansy-like 4-wheel drives too. So if they can……”

While the information Gavin remembered had always amazed Jack – it was the things that he very conveniently forgot - that never ceased to boggle his mind. 

“....manage to make it out of their driveways…..”

And it was Jack’s responsibility to remind him. And he’d be remiss in his duty and downright thoughtless in his responsibility – if he didn’t give Gavin a little recap of exactly how things worked around here.

“…. I don’t see why we can’t…GO somewhere!”

“Gavin….,” Jack said, stopping Gavin’s tirade, his voice calm, although there was that all too familiar growl-like quality in it.

“…yeah?”  Gavin answered hesitantly, he heard the growl in that voice and that always tended to cause his ears to perk up a little in attention. He had extra-sensory ear perception when it came to hearing a Jack Ryan growl.

“Come here…”  Jack wiggled his index finger; there wasn’t even a hint of anger in his crystal blue eyes, just a fusion of caring, defending and possessiveness in that All too familiar, Territorial-like-Gleam.

Gavin, very slowly, scooted his way across the couch.

Jack, being an equal opportunity kind of guy, met him half-way.

When he found himself tugged over Jack’s lap, which didn’t surprised him much, Gavin figured that meeting him half-way was more out of logistics than opportunity. While their relationship was of the equal opportunity kind, Gavin was equally aware that within it was a definite chain of command - and that Jack Ryan was the Commander and Chief.

“You seem to be having some trouble figuring out the answer to your question.” Jack said; his voice softly growling from above, he patted Gavin’s sweatpants covered butt.   

“You know something, Jack?” Gavin groaned, squirming a little over Jack’s lap. “I think it’s finally coming to me?”

“Hmm, you don’t sound so sure, Gav. Maybe I can shed some light on it for you.” Jack growled, as he tugged Gavin’s sweats then his boxers down over his cheeks and gave the squirming, bare bottom over his lap a pat. “It wouldn’t matter if you called every place of business in the whole City of Cleveland and found them all open.” Jack’s hand landed with strategically placed swats on Gavin’s butt - as he clarified the obvious-point by stinging point.

“It wouldn’t matter if you did manage to ever dig us out of our driveway and salted and plowed every road from here to Jacobs Field.”  Jack’s hand continued to bounce off Gavin’s bottom. “I don’t care if we had a Hummer that outrivaled any UnPansy-like SUV in the whole State of Ohio. *You* would not be going…anywhere.”

“You don’t even have to worry about Level-One-Two or Three weather advisories.: Jack concluded by punctuating the most essential and basic point in this discussion with a final few stinging swats. “Because, as we both know, the only advisory you have to concern yourself with, is -*mine*.

After landing one last swat, Jack rubbed the now pink bottom squirming over his lap, before tugging the sweats back in place.

Gavin slid off Jack’s lap, stood up on his knees in front of the couch, rubbing his backside with one hand and his nose with the back of the other. Not that the spanking hurt –well, not all that much, anyway. The few tears in his eyes were more from….release… than anything else.  And Gavin knew Jack hadn’t meant for the spanking to really hurt - all that much. But more as a sort of a reminder, a sort of a Recap of how things worked. 

It said, in our house - I’m the Boss, the Chairman of the Board, Dictator of our Domain and - Gavin Michael McCourt’s very own personal Advisory Committee.

Not that Gavin had ever doubted it. He just needed, on the odd occasion, to be reminded of it. 

And that usually reminded him, that he really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pushing himself up from his knees, he climbed on Jack’s lap and put his arms around his neck. 

“You know, I’m really bored with playing Trivial Pursuit.”  Gavin kissed Jack’s lips.  “Wouldn’t you much rather play …Good Cop/Bad Cop?”

“Fly me to the moon.…..
“Let me plaaay amONG the staars,”
“Let me see what spring is like....on.”
“uh..JUp-iter and maarss…..”

“In other words…… Hoold my haaaand……”
“In other words…....BA-by kiss meee”

Distracted, Jack tapped his pencil in rhythm to the singing that drifted into the den from the kitchen. The salt trucks and plows had cleared the roads, so first thing this morning Gavin had bounced out of bed, pestered and nagged until they were out the door. They had gone to the market, Home Depot and the early afternoon matinee.  He was now busy in the kitchen preparing food for the get-together he’d planned for that evening. After days of Pouting and Plopping and Grumbling about being stuck inside this house, Gavin had decided that instead of going out - they’d just invite everyone to come here.

This made perfect sense to Gavin. Naturally.

Knowing that Jack had to finish preparing his closing for a trial, and he’d have three days of court to make up in the next week, Gavin had shooed him into the den so he wouldn’t be distracted during the party with thoughts of work. And probably hoping having things in order would put him in a better mood. ‘Grump’ was the word Gavin had used to describe him.

Hell, Jack had never claimed to be a saint. He figured ‘Grump” was probably just a side effect from spending three days with a snowbound and extremely Grumpy Gavin.

It was contagious!

Jack’s mind wasn’t on working though; it kept wandering back towards the kitchen….and the sounds coming from there. He stacked the papers he was working on, pushed his chair back from his desk. To hell with it. 

“Fill my heart with song and Let me sing FOR- evER  mooore………”
“Youu are all I long for..”
“All I WOR-ship and ADdoore..”

Pausing in the doorway to the kitchen, Jack crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame, a smile tugging the corners of his mouth. Living with Gavin, well, a guy couldn’t stay grumpy for long. Smiling was something that just sort of ….snuck up on him sometimes.

Gavin was standing in front of the counter, one hand was mixing ingredients into a bowl for some new recipe he’d found to make for the party. His headset was plugged into the CD player hooked on his belt - so his fingers on his free hand were snapping, his shoulders shaking, his bare feet tapping on the hardwood floor -in rhythm to the music that only he could hear.  Jack figured the headset was out of consideration for him, so the music wouldn’t distract him while he was working.

Gavin, of course, was oblivious to the fact that his own voice could be heard at least….. three blocks away. If he were giving a concert in Central Park, he wouldn’t even need a microphone.

“In other woorrdssss….”
“pleease be truuuuue….”
“In other woorrdssss, ......
“aahhIIIII Love youu…”

Gavin’s taste in music was eclectic to say the least.  Rap, techno, jazz –and he absolutely loved country music - although for some odd reason, one that Jack had yet been able to figure out - Gavin refused to admit to liking it.  That was just one of a thousand of those little Gavin-like enigmas that Jack found himself smiling about and puzzling over at the oddest times during the day.  He didn’t seem to have any trouble admitting to his love for Broadway show tunes; he had every soundtrack ever made. They both loved singing along with those on long road trips

Jack’s shoulders shook as he remembered one memorable drive to Chicago and what must have been one hundred choruses of …. ‘It’s A Hard Knock Life’.  Gavin had insisted on playing that one particular song over and over again. By the time they had reached Chicago they had their parts down to what they thought were Tony Award winning performances. They were convinced that if anyone ever decided to produce a Gay version of Annie on Broadway, the New York casting directors would cast them on the spot.  Since neither of them had any desire to move away, they had made a pact -deciding it would be in their own best interest NEVER to share that particular talent with…. ANYone!

“Fly me to the moon.…..
“Let me plaaay amONg the staars,
“Let me see what spring is like On...”
“ uh JUp-iter and maarss…..”

“In other words…… Hoold my haaaand……”
“In other words…....BA-by kiss meee”

But Jack’s favorite of Gavin’s eclectic tastes in music was Frank Sinatra. Well, not Frank exactly. What he loved most was hearing Gavin sing the old love songs Frank was famous for.  Even without the music, his voice was rich and full and the romantic whimsy of those classic love songs seemed to fit Gavin best.  

Watching him dance around the kitchen, his shoulders rolling and butt shaking to the music, fingers snapping like a 40’s jazz singer, one arm waving in the air like a Big Band director, his blonde waves- at that ‘just needing a haircut stage’ that Jack loved-were bouncing about on his forehead as smeared the creamed cheese over the masterpiece he was preparing with a spoon in his free hand,…..well, that was just so Gavin-like, too.

Jack’s smile widened, he was enjoying this very private performance. He inched his way towards the counter and leaned his elbows against it in order to get a closer look. His shoulders shook with suppressed laughter when Gavin - hair flying, shoulders shaking, fingers snapping, brought his microphone - or since this was a Kitchen Concert  -  the cream-cheese covered spoon in his hand up to his mouth, apparently getting ready for his Grand Finally and belted out the remaining verse to the song.


“IN OTHer WORDsss,….”

“.In OTHer worrrrrrrds……In OTHerr WORRDsss,  ……”
“ahhIIIIIII…. Loooo-ve.. “

Gavin’s butt wiggled back and forth as his feet slid around the floor in a perfect little pirouette….


….the spoon in his hand flew in the air, eyes wide, arms waving; he ripped the earphones off of his head, blew the hair out of his eyes and glared across the counter at his undisclosed audience.

“GOD Jack! You scared me to death!”

“I’m sorry…,” Jack said, not even trying to suppress the laughter in his voice as he hurried around the bar toward Gavin, “I didn’t mean to scare you, buddy. I was just……”

“I know what you were doing!”  Gavin’s eyes were sparkling, he bit the inside of his cheek, realizing the show he must have been putting on and wondering just how long Jack had been standing there. “People pay big money to see me perform and you were just trying to sneak in a free show!”

“Can you.. blame me…?” Jack asked laughing out loud now, as he bent over to pick up the cream cheese covered spoon that had landed on the floor.  ‘It was…PRICEless!”

“Just how much did you see?”  Gavin asked laughing, not embarrassed in the least.

“I HOPE I didn’t miss ANYof it!” Jack shoulders shook; he was holding his sides now. “I AM..sorry, Gav,  I really didn’t mean to scare you….its’ just…I didn’t want to…interrupt the show.” He tossed the spoon in the sink and leaned against the counter, practically doubled over it.

“Eavesdropping is just SO against the rules, Jack.”  Gavin tsked, but his shoulders were shaking too, at the sight Jack was making. “But I’m just happy that you find me ….SO Entertaining.”

“Never a dull moment…”  Jack smiled. No, never a dull moment. His crystal blue eyes softened as he looked at Gavin’s face. The grin was back. GOD, he loved that grin. And it was just so damned contagious. He lifted his hand and wiped a smear of cream cheese off the end of Gavin’s nose. “You must have, uhm, mircrophoned?...your nose.”  He licked his finger. “It’s good.”

“Yeah, it’s strawberry.” Gavin opened the drawer and pulled out another spoon, dipped it in the cream cheese container and then held it up to Jack’s lips for a better taste.  “You’re in a much better mood.”

“I am.” Jack licked the spoon. “I’m pretty much finished with the closing; I’ll fine tune it tomorrow.”

“You can return the favor then; you can entertain me with it while you practice reading it aloud.” Gavin grinned, holding the spoon in front of his own mouth. “If you promise to dance, I might even let you borrow my microphone.”

“It still wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining, Gav.” Jack chuckled. “What else needs doing?”

“I’m pretty much finished in here.” Gavin opened the door under the sink, grabbing the furniture polish, he tossed it at Jack. “The living room needs dusting though.”

“I can do that.” Jack wrapped his arms around Gavin’s waist, the spray container dangling from his hand, making him laugh by nuzzling his neck. “Promise me - if you feel another ‘concert’ coming on, you’ll call me.”

Jack kissed Gavin on the nose and very reluctantly released him, wishing like hell they didn’t have company coming. The Kitchen Floor was looking all too tempting. He gave him a playful swat on the butt before dancing out of the kitchen- fingers snapping and singing along the way..

“Fill my heart with song and Let me sing FOR- evER  mooore”
“Youu are all I long for –All I WOR-ship and ADdoore..”

“In other woorrdssss…“pleease be truuuuue….” Jack pirouetted in the doorway, turned and pointed one finger at Gavin, holding the furniture polish in the other hand like a microphone “In other woorrdssss, ..In OTHer Worrds….aahhIIIII Looove… youu…”   

When he disappeared down the hallway, Gavin was still laughing. Damn, it was too bad they had company coming. He and Jack never seemed to have enough alone time. A nice fire on a cold winter day, and the two of them in front of it - well, that sounded like a much better plan.

When he heard Jack singing another verse of
“Fly me to the moon” from the living room, he tapped his chin and looked around the kitchen. 

Well, they really were WAY ahead of schedule. Gavin tilted his head smiling, as the voice coming from the living room seemed to be getting louder.

“Let me PLAAY among the STARS…”

Why, they were just SO ahead of schedule, the house was practically spotless from three snowbound days of cleaning! They’d be finished with everything and bored stiff waiting for everyone to arrive!

And what better way to take care of that ..stiffness.. than a nice, little - Two Man Concert?

Gavin looked down at the front of his jeans.

Uhmmm well, maybe not so little….

“Let me see what spring is like...on.”
“uh..JUp-iter And MArrs…..”

Gavin grinned, that voice was definitely getting louder. And he was most definitely feeling another concert coming on.

Jack had said he wanted to be called if THAT happened. And he *was* Chairman of the Board……of this house anyway.

“In other words…… Hoold my HAAand……”
“In other words…....BA-by Kiss Meee

Being the Obedient sort of guy he was, Gavin took off for the living room singing….

“Fly me to the Moooon….”