by Rusty

“Ohhhgod, right there…GOD that good.”  

“You’re so...tight, Jack, I don’t want to…”

“’re so...good at this...harder...right there.”


“Oh…yeah God…harder…”


“Yeah…harder...I can feel’s almost...”

“Do you...need more…cream?”

“No...don’t stop…please, you’ve almost...Yess, right there...Ahhhhh,.”

“God, Jack, you’re making me so...horny.”

“I…can tell.” Jack moaned a little more. “I’ll fix that for you later.”

“Are you sure you’ll be up for it?”

“Are you doubting my stamina, buddy?”

Gavin laughed as he leaned back, still straddling the small of Jack’s back. He scooted back a bit and plopped down on top of Jack’s butt. In his opinion, Jack’s butt was better than any pillow.

“I’ve never doubted your stamina before. But your back is so tight I’m not so sure that you can handle me right now, Jack.”

“I’ll always be able to handle you, Gav. Don’t you ever doubt it.” Jack chuckled, lifting his head to look back at Gavin, who was perched on his butt, rubbing the tense muscles in his back. “You give the best back rubs. I’m feeling better already.”

“Jack, you need to go to bed and rest. You don’t have to prove anything to me.” Gavin smiled, shaking his head. There wasn’t one doubt in his mind; Jack Ryan would always be able to handle him.  He’d already passed that test about a million times, in more ways the one. 

“I’m not tired.”

“Oh yeah, right!  If I had worked as many hours as you have the past couple of weeks, you’d have had me fed, showered and in bed about an hour ago.” Gavin continued rubbing the lotion in Jack’s back, enjoying the feel of the muscles, tight as they were, flexing under his hands.

“That’s right, that’s how it works.”  Jack’s voice was teasing, but it was a fact, that WAS how it worked. ‘But you did feed me – dinner was great by the way – and we can shower together later. After I’ve had you in bed...or on the floor, if *you’re* up for it.”

“As tempting as all that sounds, and you know how easy I am, I’m still going to have to put my foot down.”  Gavin chuckled. “When I’m working too hard, you never listen to me. Paybacks are hell, Jack.”

“Ah, I see. Payback by torture, huh?”  Jack’s shoulders shook with laughter under Gavin’s hands.

“Well, maybe a little.” Gavin wiped the excess lotion from his hands onto his jeans.  “But I can take care of you, just like you take care of me when I’m stressed about work. This is a huge trial and a great chance for you to show your stuff, Jack.”

“You always take care of me, buddy, but I don’t become consumed, body and soul, the way you do when you’re working.  You never shut down unless you’re sleeping.”

Gavin humphed. “Jack, you’re stressed about this trial, I can tell.”

“Not stressed.” Jack shrugged his shoulders. “It was hard to find a jury that hasn’t read at least some of crap that’s being fed to the public. The media’s making this guy out to be some sort of golden boy.”

“He’s guilty, you said so.”  Gavin’s voice was filled with conviction. If Jack said it, it must be so. 

“He is guilty. But we’re getting a lot of pressure from some pretty highly ranked city officials to cut a deal and the media is making *him* out to be the victim.”

“See!”  Gavin pushed Jack’s shoulders back down. “You’re getting all tense again. I know how you hate that kind of politics, Jack. I bet if this guy would’ve been Joe Blow on the street, instead of the jerk off son of a high profile city official, it wouldn’t have even made a paragraph in the newspaper.  And they’d keep all that pressure out of your office.” 

“That’s true, and where’s the justice in that?”  Jack didn’t think there was any justice in that.  “He’s saying he didn’t intend to kill her, only scare her a bit. The media is making her out to be a two timing whore, and the fact that he hasn’t been faithful since before they were married is never mentioned.”

“Maybe he did just mean to scare her, and it got out of control?” Gavin rubbed Jack’s shoulders a little harder, feeling so bad for him. He hated what the media was doing with this trial as much as Jack did, but at the same time, he loved reading about all the gory, gritty, gossipy little details of it.  “Maybe he’s the dog in the manger type and he really does love her.” 

“You think that’s real love, Gav? Do I need to watch my back?” Jack laughed when Gavin swatted him on the butt. “I don’t think this was a mistake at all, he just wanted her out of the way. His intent was to kill her; he just missed.  And he knows enough about the law…and public sympathy…to know how to play it.  But he’s guilty of attempted murder; I feel that in my gut.  I just have to find a way to prove it to the jury.” 

“Hey, you have good instincts about things, Jack. You’ll figure it out.”  Gavin puffed out his chest in pride. “You’ll find justice for everybody, and you’d never cater to the city officials or the media or anything else. They’re lucky to have you in the Prosecutor’s office!”

“Your faith in my ability amazes me sometimes, Gav.” Jack chuckled, only half teasing. Gavin’s faith in him really did amaze him sometimes.

Gavin slid off Jack’s back and swatted him on the butt again   “Come on, go on up and shower. I’ll fix you a snack and then you can go to bed.”

“Gav, its only nine o’clock. I’m really not tired.” Jack rolled on his side, propping his head up with his hand, watching Gavin as he sat on his knees beside him, eyes steamy and not the least bit tired.

“Jack, like I said, you never listen to me when I say I’m not tired.” Gavin grinned at the look in Jack’s eyes. “The decision is made. You’re going to bed, and sleep.”

“Hmmm, I appreciate your concern, Gav, I really do. dictator of our domain, I’m going to have to veto that decision.”  Jack pulled Gavin down beside him, kissing his neck, shoulders, working his way down, as his fingers hooked the waistband of his running shorts. He tugged. 

Gavin didn’t put up much of a fuss as his shorts were tugged down to his knees.  He was a ‘Really Easy Guy’ after all; he just didn’t have what it took to argue with dictators. He couldn’t do much more than...moan.   “Jack...are you sure…you can” 

“I know how to handle you.” Jack’s words were muffled by – what he was doing. “Don’t – you – ever – doubt it.”

Doubt it? There wasn’t one doubt in Gavin’s mind; Jack Ryan would always be able to handle him. In more ways than one.

“Ohhhgod right there...God, Jack...that good...Ahhhhh….”


Jack opened the door to the smell of stir-fry cooking on the stove and smiled, the first real smile of the day, when he spotted the table already set, fresh flowers artfully arranged in the center of it, candles burning on either side.  Gavin loved to fuss; he was a regular Martha Stewart at times.  Jack didn’t pay much attention to those little details. He liked doing the big projects: remodeling, repairing, he loved working with his hands. But he left the details of it to Gavin, colors, textures, fabrics, flowers, those little things that Gavin thought made it feel like a home.  Jack loved it all once it was finished, all the special, carefully handpicked details. But when it came right down to it, Gavin was what made it home for him.

And from the look on Gavin’s face when he entered the kitchen and spotted him, Jack knew that Gavin felt that very same way. 

“Hey, I didn’t hear you come in.” Gavin’s face beamed. “I had dinner started when you called; I’m just finishing up a few things and then we can eat.”

Jack kissed him, hard. “How was your day?”

“Good. Finally got that problem worked out with the printing company.” Gavin took the briefcase from Jack’s hand and placed it on the counter. “How was your day?  Was it any better?  Looks like you brought stuff home again.”

“Yeah, sorry about that.”  Jack leaned against the counter, searching Gavin’s face. “I promise it’ll only be a couple more weeks.”

“You’re supportive when I have to work more than usual.”  Gavin rolled his eyes. “Usually.”

“Well, not usually.”  Jack laughed. “Just when it can’t be helped.  And you are being supportive; I’ve noticed all the little things you’ve been taking over for me the past month, buddy. I’ll make it up to you.”

“You don’t have to make anything up to me, Jack.” Gavin looked insulted. “I like taking care of you.”

“I know you do.”  Jack chuckled.  “You thrive on fussing.”

“I do NOT fuss!”  Gavin stuck his nose in the air. “Go get out of that tie and wash your hands, dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes. I put some clean sweats on the chair in our room; you might as well get comfortable.”

“Yes, sir.”  Jack laughed as he headed for the stairs. “I’ll only be a few minutes.”

“You’ve got fifteen.”  Gavin opened the fridge and rummaged through the drawers for the lettuce, cheese, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and whatever else he could find. Jack liked salad and he liked lots of junk on it too. 

After his arms were filled with what he felt was enough junk, he kicked the fridge door shut and turned towards the counter, just as he heard the yapping sounds coming from the backyard.

Martha did NOT yap! 

That could only mean one thing! He dumped his armload of toppings on the counter; tomatoes and peppers rolled off and onto the floor. 

Not wasting any time picking them up, he ran to the window, crumpled the pale yellow slats of the blinds apart, and glared out into the backyard, not surprised in the least at what he saw there. But totally disgusted by it!

Bernie, the Perverted Chihuahua, was at it again!

He started for the door in a huff, stomping through the kitchen, stopping to grab a spray bottle filled with water from under the sink on his way out.  Too bad there wasn’t any bug spray under there! 

Bernie was a Pest!  A Perverted Pest!

Jack headed out of the bedroom a few minutes shy of the fifteen minutes he’d been given, sweat-pantsed, hands washed and feeling better already. He was hungry and thoughts of the dinner Gavin had waiting for him caused his stomach to growl and his mouth to water. 

He was half way down the stairs when he heard a shrill, beeping sound coming from the direction of the kitchen. It took him a second before he realized it was the smoke alarm. He took the rest of the stairs in just three jumps and ran towards the kitchen calling for Gavin.

The kitchen seemed hazy, not really smoky enough to panic, and the annoying sound of the smoke alarm seemed like a major overreaction, but at least now they knew it worked.  The steaming stir fry that had smelled so good when he walked into the house not fifteen minutes before was now up in smoke and the smell coming from it wasn’t nearly as pleasant as he remembered.

Running towards the stove, Jack felt something pop under his feet, then squish and ooze between his toes. He didn’t have a chance even to wonder what it was before slipping on it, feet flying in the air. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion after that, but it ended all too quickly when, after knocking over two of the barstools, one with his shoulder ,as he felt something else pop under his butt as he landed with a thud, luckily on the section of the floor covered by the brand-spanking-new red rug and not on the bare, very hard wood.

Although that rug hadn’t really helped very much. At all!

“Ahhh, damn!”

It took a second for Jack to get his breath back. He groaned a bit as he climbed to his feet and limped the rest of the way to the stove. He swore in earnest when he felt yet another pop under his foot and then that same oozing feeling between his toes he’d remembered having, just before flying through the air a few minutes before.  God, had it really only been a few minutes. Jack felt like he was in the Twilight Zone.After he turned down the heat, he grabbed the potholders from the drawer and pulled the pan off the heating elements. He sat the pan down on the cutting board, deciding it was probably best to wait for it to cool before dousing it with water.  From the looks of it, they’d be eating pizza tonight.

Waving his hand in front of his face, trying to clear the smoke, Jack limped towards the windows, flipping on the overhead fan on his way, hoping it might help to clear the air some.  .  Grabbing a towel off the counter, he began wiping red gunk from between his toes. After hearing a commotion coming from the back yard, he limped the rest of the way to the windows.

Peering through the already crumpled slats of the special-ordered, pale yellow blinds that Gavin just HAD to have, Jack watched in utter amazement at the chaos that was occurring outside. It almost pushed the memory of the chaos that had just happened inside the house to the back of his mind. Almost!  His aching body made it kind of difficult to push it completely out of his mind. And the blaring, shrill, annoying smoke alarm was making his teeth grind.

Jack stood peering out the window, a little curious, but since this was Gavin, not at all baffled. He was sure Gavin would have a very Gavin-like explanation for it. Although he did wonder, just for a moment, if perhaps he’d hit his head on the floor during that fall.  If it were anyone BUT Gavin, being in a concussed state or even slightly delusional would be the only explanation for what he was witnessing.

What other reason could there be for anyone, other than Gavin, to be armed with what looked like a spray bottle, chasing Bernie, that five pound little terror about the size of a rat, around the yard yelling what sounded like…


Martha took up the rear, apparently trying to save Bernie from the spray. And from the commando look on Gavin’s face, Jack was sure he was wishing that bottle were filled with pesticide or some other chemical of warfare, instead of just plain old H2O.

No, he wasn’t delusional.  This was just... Life with Gavin.

Still rattled from his tumble, Jack groaned a little; his body was beginning to ache all over. His elbows felt rug burned, his back was tensing up again, he was sure he was going to have a whopper of a bruise on his shoulder, his head was about to split in two from the blaring of the smoke alarm and he was sure his tailbone was cracked.  He reached back and rubbed his backside, then growled when he realized his pants were wet.  He looked down at his hands, wondering what in the hell he’d landed in.  He looked down at his hand, wondering what in the hell he’d landed in.  He wiped off his hands with the towel he still held and then his feet again.

Taking a deep breath, Jack threw the towel on the counter, grabbed the step stool out of the corner of the kitchen and climbed to the top.  He reached for the alarm, popped it loose and yanked the batteries out, before giving in to the temptation to stuff the damned thing down the garbage disposal. 

He took another deep, calming breath before going back to the window, pulling up the cord on the crumpled, pale yellow blinds and opening the window.


At the sound of Jack’s voice, and all three names, which was never a good sign, Gavin stopped in his tracks.  Martha, who was also very familiar with the sound of that voice and the tone, stopped in hers.  Bernie, not being a member of the family and all, didn’t recognize that voice, but he wasn’t stupid and he did understand that playtime was apparently over.

Gavin looked up at the window, blinking at the expression on Jack’s face, and even from this distance he could tell that it was not Jack’s happy face.   He blinked again, wondering why in the heck Jack was mad at HIM!  Gavin looked over at the perverted Bernie and glared; then he looked over at Martha, giving her a “shame on you” look.  

“Jack, you will never believe what’s been...”

“Gavin, get in this house.” 


“Right now.”

Gavin’s eyes widened. He held his arms out, palms up, spray bottle dangling from one hand, and sputtered.  “ won’t bel—”

“Gavin, if I have to come out there...”

No Thank You! Gavin hurried for the side of the house, trying to think of a reason for Jack to be so upset. He stopped in the middle of the yard and threw up his hands when the light finally came on!

Of course! He had it all figured out.

“Jack, if you’re mad because I’m out here without any shoes, it was an emergency and I....”

“Gavin Michael McCourt, are you telling me you’re out there without any shoes?” 

Damn!  All three names again!

“NO!  I said...‘if you’re mad because’...I didn’t say anything about not...”


“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Gavin ran towards back door of the garage, Martha trailing after him; he darted quickly inside and scrambled up the two steps to the kitchen doorway, not surprised in the least to see Mr. Sunshine already waiting for him at the door.  He was even less surprised to find himself swatted through the kitchen, plopped down on a barstool and stripped of his soaking wet socks.

However, he WAS quite disturbed at finding his feet being dried off with a kitchen towel.


With a KITCHEN towel! 

Jack tossed the towel on the counter, crossed his arms and cocked a brow. 

Gavin looked over at the towel, nose scrunched in disgust.  He shook his head, ready to give Jack an earful.  But after noticing the look on his face, Gavin figured now wasn’t the time to mention how really gross it was to dry someone’s feet off with a KITCHEN towel and then toss it right on the counter...where they ate!  He’d have to remember which one it was and throw it away. Later!  That was just plain disgusting!  Jack could be such a Neanderthal sometimes! 

Jack was still Looking at him, so Gavin figured that this mood was caused by something other than being outside without any shoes before the first grass mowing of the year.  He waited a few seconds, squirming under that crystal blue gaze, until he just couldn’t stand it another second.


“What?!” Jack’s eye went wide with amazement; he held his arms out wide, taking in the expanse of the hazy, hurricane ravaged kitchen. Which apparently Gavin was still oblivious to.  He crossed his arms, crystal blue eyes narrowing to slits. “What in the hell were you doing out there?”

Gavin was SO confused; Jack seemed really upset and he didn’t even know the half of it yet.  “Well, you know Bernie, Mrs. Masterson’s rat dog! He was right outside in our yard ...molesting Martha!  He’s been doing that all week!”

“Molesting Martha?” 


“Gavin, how can a five pound, eight inch tall dog, with a half inch penis...MOLEST a one hundred and twenty pound, five foot tall Great Dane?”

“He’s perverted, I tell you; he climbs on her leg and just...wiggles around. It’s disgusting!”  Gavin squirmed on his stool again.  Jack wasn’t buying this.  “He should be registered in this neighborhood, Jack!”

“Was Martha in any...danger?”  Jack looked at Gavin, amazed as always by his thought processes.  “Did she seem upset by this...Molestation?”

“No, she just STANDS there!” Gavin glared down at Martha, muttering under his breath.  “She’s a trollop is what she is.”

Jack rubbed his hand down his face.  “So you just ran outside, without any shoes in the middle of March, no coat, no thought at ALL, apparently, to save a Great Dane, a one hundred and twenty pound, five foot tall Great Dane, from a...Chihuahua?  Gavin, he can’t be ten inches tall!”

Okay, so it sounded insane, even to him, but Gavin was still SO confused. Why was Jack so upset over this?  It must be the stress from this trial.  Jack was usually so uncomplicated. He looked down at the floor, anything to get away from that Look, and spotted Martha a few feet away, licking a red looking something off the rug.  He looked a little closer.  Martha backed up and began licking another spot and then yet another on the wood surface of the floor.

“What is that she’s eating off the floor?”

Jack shook his head; he still hadn’t figured that out yet.  He hadn’t had time! “Yeah Gav, what IS that on the floor?”

“How would I know, I just got here!”  Gavin shrugged his shoulders, hands held out in front of him, palms up.

Jack just stood there, Looking at him!

That Look was making him squirm and Gavin never cared much for silence, he much preferred when Jack yelled.

He reached across the counter for the used Kitchen Foot Towel, thinking that cleaning up the mess on the floor would make Mr. Sunshine happy.  The smoke alarm was in the way, so he shoved that aside with his elbow, grabbed the towel and started to push himself off the stool.

He stopped mid-push, plopped back down on the stool and started praying, really hard, that this sinking feeling he had was just, as Jack liked to say, a figment of his overactive imagination. He slowly turned his head, still hopeful, but since he didn’t believe for a second that he HAD an overactive imagination, he wasn’t surprised to see that the smoke alarm had really been there all along.

Smoke Alarm?

Oh, God! 

Maybe it was free association, because he was sure it was NOT his imagination, but the smoke alarm made him think of smoke and all of a sudden he noticed how hazy the kitchen seemed. About that same time the faint, acrid smell of smoke hit his nose.


Oh, GOD!

Covering his face with his hand, Gavin took a chance and peeked out from between his fingers, taking in the very discombobulated appearance of the normally very together Jack Ryan. And he really didn’t look happy.   Nervously, he cleared his throat, tilted his head to the side and snuck a peek out of the corner of his eye in the direction of the stove.  He swallowed. Hard!

Jack watched as the color in Gavin’s face changed from green to a little greener. Apparently the light had finally come on. 

“Yes, I think you’re starting to see the BIG picture. Am I right?”

“Dinner’s...burned...a little?”

“A little?”

“I’m sorry!”  Gavin’s face fell; he had wanted dinner to be special tonight. “I wanted to do something special for you, Jack, and now it’s ruined.”

“I’d say dinner being burned is really minor in the scheme of things, Gavin. Compared to what could’ve happened had I not come down when I did, it doesn’t even rate comment.”  Jack shook his head, back aching, elbows burning, head still throbbing.  “I’d say dinner being burned was really minor compared to it all, really.”

“What all did happened?”  Gavin looked around the hazy, yellow room, taking in several red smush marks and two barstools lying sideways on the floor.

“You don’t want to know.”  Jack crossed his arms again.  “What I’d like to know is what in the hell were you doing out there?”

“I told you!  Bernie was...”

“Gavin, did you really think that Martha was in any danger?”  Jack held his hand up when Gavin started to speak, not wanting to get into a discussion on how impossible a Bernie/Martha pairing really was.  And even with a step stool, it would be damned impossible!  Jack also knew that in Gavin’s mind, Bernie the rat dog really was perverted and there would be no changing it.  “I mean, enough to warrant burning down the house?!”

Gavin looked around his beautiful yellow, and still a little hazy, kitchen, thought of all the plans he and Jack had made for it, all the work they had done to this house over the years, how happy they’d been living here. As perverted as Bernie was, and he WAS perverted, there wasn’t one doubt in his mind about THAT, Gavin really didn’t think burning down the house would have been worth it.

“No.”  Gavin squirmed a little.   “I guess I didn’t think ahead...much, huh?”


“It was an accident, though?”  Gavin realized that wasn’t going to cut it, so he added. “…and nothing burned but dinner, so... it turned out okay?”

“That’s true.”  Jack rubbed his chin, looking very lawyerly and since he was a lawyer his next statement didn’t surprise Gavin much at all.  “But just because there was no actual harm, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t deter the behavior.”

Gavin knew what “deter” meant in THIS house.  He groaned. Why couldn’t Jack have been a Doctor or an...Indian Chief?  Anything but a Lawyer! And Prosecutor of all things!  It was like living with the whole damned Justice Department!


Gavin’s face was a bit pale.  “Yeah?”

“You have twenty minutes to clean up this kitchen. And then I think you should find a nice comfortable corner to stand in for awhile.” 

Since Jack was the Prosecutor, Judge AND Jury of THIS house, Gavin didn’t try to give a rebuttal, and he didn’t have to ask what the rest of the sentence was going to be either; that was pretty much written in stone. He really DID live with the whole damned Justice Department! 

Jack pulled Gavin off the stool, gave him a swat to get him moving and started limping his way out of the kitchen.  God, his whole body ached.

Working as fast as he could, since he only had twenty minutes, Gavin squirted soap in the sink, turned on the water, grabbed a clean kitchen towel, one UNtouched by human FEET, out of the drawer and wet it. As he began washing off the counter, he spotted Jack slowly limping out of the kitchen, like an old man.

This trial was KILLING him!

“Jack, why are you limping?”  Gavin’s eyes squinted when he noticed how dirty Jack’s pants were.  “And how did your sweats get so dirty? I thought for sure that I’d laid out clean ones for you.”

“Later, Gavin. Believe, we’ll be discussing all of that, late.”

Jack sat on the edge of the couch, back stiff and getting stiffer by the minute. If they put this off any longer, they’d have to put it off until after he was out of traction. 

“Come on, Gav, get rid of the sweats.”

Gavin stood between Jack’s knees, fidgety and already sniffling. He looked around the family room one last time, just to be sure the blinds were pulled, before pushing the shorts down over his hips. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to go down the basement?”

“Gavin, no one is going to see you.”  Jack wasn’t sure he could make it down the basement.

“The pizza guy is coming!”

“Not for an hour, Gavin, believe me, this isn’t going to take long.”  Jack figured it was going to be the shortest spanking in history. And that old saying about how “this hurts me more than it hurts you” was never truer, and since Jack had never been a fan of that expression, that was saying a whole hell of a lot.

“Yeah, but my nose will be all stuffy and you KNOW what I look like when I’ve been crying, Jack. He’ll know!”

“I’ll answer the door, Gavin, come on.” Jack patted his knees. “Now.”

Gavin climbed over Jack’s knees, reached for the pillow in the corner of the couch and held on tight. Knowing it was a lost cause, he still tried one last time in getting his sentence reduced.

“I was only trying to save Martha; you didn’t see him. That pervert is a ...”

“Gavin, I do not want to hear another word about Bernie tonight.” Jack lifted his palm, and realized, with a great deal of pain, that his range of motion was somewhat limited. This spanking really was going to hurt him a lot more than it would Gavin. He brought his palm back up and then down again, concentrating on one area, so he didn’t have to move too much. It was the only way he was going to get through this. 

“And you and I are going to have a very long talk about the Facts of Life, because apparently, and this just boggles my mind considering the amount of time that you spend thinking about sex, you have no idea how impossible that combination really is!”

Gavin wiggled a little under Jack’s palm, but it wasn’t really all that uncomfortable. If he didn’t know Jack Ryan as well as he did, Gavin would’ve sworn he was just joking around. Of course, Jack never joked about justice or punishment, especially when it came to Gavin McCourt! 

In his next life, Gavin was going to mate with one of those other guys, the doctor or the Indian Chief. No more Lawyers for him!

Of course he’d have to make sure that in Jack’s next life, he came back as one of those other guys.  Jack would look really good in a loin cloth.

“Jack. I didn’t mean to run off like that, I really didn’t, and I won’t do it again, I promise!” Gavin’s bottom was getting a little warm, which didn’t surprise him, but he had been SO hopeful. “Nothing much really happened, everything is fine now.”

“Let me give you a crash course in Law 101.” Jack brought his palm down without much force on Gavin’s bottom, but continued punctuating each point of law, building his case with concentrated, deliberate accuracy.   “We have laws that punish for actual crimes, intended crimes and attempted crimes and even breaking said law in ignorance of it, is still no excuse.  And like I’ve told you before, just because no actual harm was done, doesn't mean we shouldn't deter the behavior. And you are going to start thinking before acting, if it kills us both!” 

“OW!” Gavin was truly beginning to believe Jack was serious; things were getting darn right uncomfortable.  He started wiggling some, trying to move his bottom out of the way, or at least the one spot that that seemed to be getting the brunt of it. He HATED one spot spankings! There should be a law about THAT!

They HURT!

“I’m sorry, Jack! I promise I’ll think, I’ll think!”  Gavin howled,
when Jack’s hand cracked down a few more times. He kicked his
legs, trying to squirm his way off Jack’s lap and brought his hand back to cover THAT spot! Which didn’t do him a damned bit of good, because Mr. Justice Department truly believed that in order to have justice, there needed to be punishment.

“I’m sorry!  I’m deterred!  I’m deterred!”

“We’re just going to make sure of that.” 

“You want the rest of this?”  Gavin pointed to the remains of the pizza crust on the plate that rested on his knee as he sat cross legged on the couch.

“Yeah, I’ll take it.”  Jack sat on the edge of the couch, opened the lid to the pizza box and took out another slice. After Gavin added the contents from his plate, Jack leaned back, slowly, on the couch and propped his feet on the coffee table. 

Gavin’s nose was still stuffy; he didn’t feel much like eating.  He hated how stuffy his nose felt after a spanking. It was one of the worst parts of the “after”.  Leaning back on the arm of the couch, he shifted his weight to his left hip. Well, not nearly as bad as sitting after a spanking, but he figured that was a given. He’d had such great plans for dinner, and later, after Jack had finished working, he’d planned on running him a bath and then giving him a backrub.  And, well, that could’ve led to just about anything. Jack was a Really Easy Guy and Gavin figured that sex was the ultimate stress reliever.

"Jack, I'm so sorry that you fell. About everything." Gavin  shifted on the couch again, he was having a hard time getting comfortable. He felt so badly about it; he really did. Especially after Jack had told him about the tumble he'd taken. He pulled one pillow from behind his back and laid it in his lap. "I've tried to make things easier on you right now, I really wanted to be supportive and....."

Jack wiped his fingers on a napkin before rubbing Gavin’s feet.  “You’ve been great and you’re always supportive of me.  I’d never have taken this job if you hadn’t talked me into it, remember?”

“Yeah, but I wanted everything to run smooth for you right now.

“Gavin, all you have to do is just be here. That’s all. You don’t ever have to be anyone but who you are.” Jack gave Gavin a wry look. “Thinking ahead a little more is something we still need to work on though.”

Gavin returned that wry look. “I know what that ‘we’ business usually means for me!  I’m thinking ahead from now on!”

“I know you will. At least for awhile.”  Jack leaned forward, back still aching, debated on another slice of pizza, and, after deciding against it, sat his plate on top of the box.

“For the rest of my life, I swear!” Gavin squirmed again. “You know, you really need to learn - well, how to spank properly, Jack.”

“What do you mean?” Jack’s forehead puckered in a frown.  “Did I hurt you?”

“Duh!”  Gavin rolled his eyes. Wasn’t that the point?

“I meant, did I hurt you other than how it was supposed to hurt?”  Jack was still frowning. “As far as spankings go, I really didn’t consider that to be one of the worst you were ever given.”

“Well, that depends on how you look at it, Jack. I just think you should stay away from what I call – the concentrated spanking, you know, spanking in just one spot too many times.”  Gavin sat up a little straighter, eager to share his observations. “You don’t usually do that, but I’ve been keeping track and on occasion you seem to fall into sort of a ‘one spot’ pattern.”

“And this is a problem because...?” 
“When you concentrate on one little spot - well, it...” Gavin started to say it hurt, but decided that Jack wouldn’t buy that argument.  “...could cause damage to the skin.”

“Gav, did I hurt you?”

“Jack, you have never hurt me!” Gavin was appalled that Jack would even think of such a thing. Knowing how much Jack worried about those sorts of things was the very reason Gavin was sharing this knowledge. He was really only thinking of Jack. Really! “I’m just giving you some pointers on how to prevent possible *future* damage. You would be so upset if that were to happen.”

“You’re doing this for – me, is that what you’re saying?” 

“Of course.”  Gavin patted the pillow on his lap. “Let’s say this”

Jack leaned back on the couch, knowing he should be reviewing the witness statements for tomorrow’s cross, but as always, he just couldn’t wait to hear what Gavin had to say.  It was usually just so damned interesting.  He was sure that eventually he’d even find the humor in the whole Bernie/Martha dynamic.

“Okay. I take it that is supposed to be your...butt?”

“Of course.”  Gavin rolled his eyes; Jack could be so slow sometimes. Placing the pillow over his knee, he started patting it around the edges in a circle. “You’re supposed to spank in a circle, see, like this.”

Jack crossed his arms over his chest and watched this circle pattern with avid interest.  “And how do you know this?  You’ve never spanked anyone in your life.”

“Jack, a person doesn’t have to spank someone to KNOW this!”  Gavin rolled his eyes again. “It’s probably something only THE spanked can really understand. That’s something I’m an expert on and you haven’t any experience with, see.”

“I’ve been spanked before. I know what it feels like.” 

“That was.....” Gavin suddenly stopped, his thoughts quickly changing directions; his eyes lit up with pleasure as he remembered one of his very favorite stories. He rubbed his hands together like he was about to open a present. “Tell me again, about the time when you and Patrick set fire to the field. I LOVE that story!”

Jack chuckled at the sight of Gavin rubbing his hands together, eyes sparkling, like he had just been given a present. 

“You are a sadist, Gav.”

“Never mind, then.” Gavin huffed; well, he’d get that story out of Jack later. He had important knowledge that needed sharing now. “Anyway, that was like a million years ago or something. Times have changed, Jack!” 

“I see.”  Jack rubbed his chin with his hand a second, debating that in his mind.  Times had changed the overall view of spanking in general, he’d give Gavin that. But he really didn’t think much had changed in the actual application of it. He motioned for Gavin to come closer.  “Come here.”

“Jack, you don’t need to practice on me,” Gavin huffed; his butt was in no condition for any kind of practice tonight. He tossed the pillow at Jack. “You can use the pillow.”

“I’m not going to practice on you!”  Jack reached over and prodded Gavin off the couch with his hand.  “I just want to check out the damage, make sure this ‘one spot’ spanking didn’t hurt you. I want to see if there’s any actual evidence to back up this theory of yours.”

“Jack, I’m just sharing this with you for future reference. I’m fine.”  Gavin pushed himself off the couch.  He didn’t think the evidence would prove his theory true and Jack was an evidence sort of guy.  He was a Prosecutor after all; it was ingrained or something.

“Just humor me, okay?”  Jack nabbed Gavin by the arm and pulled him backward between his knees. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of Gavin’s sweats and pulled them down just below his cheeks. Gavin’s right cheek was red, in a slightly mottled way, and still a little shiny, but it wasn’t going to bruise and it looked pretty much how a fairly recently spanked butt should look. 

“Looks fine to me.”  Jack swatted Gavin’s left cheek. “No damage there!”

“Ow!” Gavin turned around, huffing, and yanked up his pants. “I didn’t say there was!  I’m just saying....”

“That it hurt?”  Jack pulled Gavin down on his lap and wrapped his arms around his waist.  “Want me to give you some pointers on how to prevent that from happening in the future?”

"How did I know you were going to say that?"

Jack was just so predictable!

Which wasn't such a bad thing, really. He leaned his head against Jack's shoulder, careful not to jostle it. As stiff as Jack was feeling, Gavin figured a `one spot" spanking was the least he deserved.

"I really am sorry, Jack. I wanted to make things special for you and I...."

"You do make things special for me, Gav."

And interesting, so damned interesting. A smile turned the corners of Jack's mouth. He was already finding the humor in the Bernie/Martha dynamic, just as he'd predicted he would. Jack rubbed his chin in Gavin's hair and gave him a squeeze. He knew that Gavin was feeling like he'd let him down or something, which was just so untrue. He'd been nothing but supportive through this whole trial and a hell of a lot more patient than Jack would've been.

Chin still resting on Gavin's head, Jack pulled him closer and whispered in his ear. "One summer Patrick and I were playing `wilderness men' and decided we needed to build a fire to cook our prey over. I stole some matches out of the drawer in the kitchen and...."

Gavin grinned, his eyes lit up. He rubbed his hands together.