Notes:  Special thanks to Dice for her beta and all of her help!. And MC for letting me use those words and listening to me ramble.  HUGS GUYS!


Gavin grabbed two beers out of the cooler on his way to give Jack, who was grilling steaks on the grill, the orders he’d taken from the guys.  Everyone had headed for Jack and Gavin’s house for a cookout after their softball game.  Over the years, it had become kind of a Thursday night tradition. 

He loved the tradition, but he and Jack had been so busy this past week, Gavin kind of hoped everyone would leave by they could be alone!  Gavin wanted to play “Two Really Easy Guys”, and he kind of figured Jack was feeling the same way. 

Gavin smiled as he approached Jack, silently chuckling at the sight of him grilling the steaks, smoke billowing around his face, wearing an apron with the words “Plead Insanity...Lawyer’s Love Nuts.”

“I’m pleading insanity!” Gavin handed Jack the beer.  “You’ve always loved my n.....”

“Did you get everyone’s order?” Jack laughed; a slight blush stained his face, as he looked around to make sure none of the other guys had heard Gavin. His gaze shifted to the front of Gavin’s softball pants. He licked his lips.  Well, it WAS true.  He had always like Gavin’s nu......!

“Six medium, two medium rare.” Gavin grinned, noticing where Jack’s eyes were wandering.  Then he made a face. “One rare and don’t let THAT one anywhere near mine!  Make sure there isn’t even a tiny bit of pink in mine. Want me to take over the grill for awhile?”

“I know how you like yours.” Jack laughed, pointing at one steak sitting off by itself on the grill.  “I have it far away from any of the others and it’ll resemble an old black shoe by the time I’m done. Promise.”  

Gavin scrunched up his nose. “I don’t think I’ll be able to even sit at the same table as Eric while I’m eating.  It’ll be all red and gross.  I’ll be sick.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, Gav.  Everyone will be finished with their dessert by the time your steak has been killed and tortured enough for you to eat it.” Jack sprinkled some seasoning on the steaks, making sure none of it touched Gavin’s.

“You’ll save your dessert for when I’m eating my steak.  You always do.”  Gavin laughed as he spotted Martha catch the Frisbee Cal had thrown, then dart in the opposite direction.  Martha just didn’t understand the rules of fetch yet.  “So, what do you think?”

“What do I think about what?” 

“Kyle. Tyler’s new boyfriend. Or whatever he’s calling him.” 

Jack shrugged his shoulders.  “I haven’t talked with him much.”

“You don’t have to talk to the guy to have an opinion” Gavin rolled his eyes.  “Kyle LOOKS a little more like a normal person than the ones Tyler usually brings around.  I was hoping he’d BE normal. 

“I’ve quit thinking “normal” about anyone Tyler brings here.  And I’m not talking about the green, purple and orange hair or the tattoos and body piercing; which were starting to BE normal to me when thinking about Tyler and his boyfriends.”  Jack paused, choosing his words carefully.  “I don’t know Kyle but......Tyler’s acting even... stranger than he normally does... since he started going out with him.”

Gavin crossed his arms.  He had kind of thought the same thing, but wasn’t ready to give up hope yet, that Tyler had finally found someone.....normal.

“You just don’t like Tyler. I’ve always known that.”

“No, I never said I didn’t like Tyler.”  Jack cocked a brow. 

“You don’t have to say it.” Gavin cocked a brow back at Jack. 

“Well, I never said I didn’t like him.”  Jack said as he turned the steaks and closed the lid on the grill.  “He’s just a little.......”

“This guy LOOKS normal, so I figured you’d at least be happy about that. You’re just such a stiff sometimes, Jack.” Gavin stuck his nose in the air.

Jack smiled at Gavin. “I don’t know how you can call me a stiff, when you haven’t liked one of those other guys; just on appearance alone and you’ve always thought Tyler was strange yourself.   Like I said, Tyler’s always been a bit ...on the edge, but he’s crossed over the edge since he started going out with this guy.  I’m just holding any opinions of Kyle until I get to know him; if he’s even around long enough to get to know.”

Gavin gave Jack a mischievous smile. “You ARE turning into a stiff!  You were completely head over heels in love with me the very first time you met me.  You didn’t bother holding opinions then.”

“Yeah, exactly.” Jack laughed.  “I’ve learned my lesson.  I didn’t realize until it was too late....what a nut you are. Now I’m stuck with you.”

Gavin pointed his nose up in the air and started to walk away..  “Well, if that’s the way you feel about it.....I’ll just go flirt with some of the other guys.”

“Oh no you don’t.”. Jack laughed, grabbing hold of Gavin’s arm and pulling him close.  “It’s way too late for you to get out of anything.  You’re my nut!”

“See, I told you’ve always liked my nuts.” Gavin whispered in Jack’s ear, wrapping his arms around his neck..  “I’ve always liked yours, too.  Guess we’re both stuck.”

Jack swatted Gavin on the butt.  “Don’t you ever forget it.”

Eric yelled from the yard. “Are you guys going to mess around or fix us some food?”

“Let’s hurry up and feed them. Maybe they’ll leave.” Gavin waggled his eyebrows.  “Then we can play with each others n..”

Jack laughed, swatting him on the butt again.  “Just get the rest of the food out of the fridge please.”

Gavin started up the back steps for the kitchen.  He turned around and called to Jack, loud enough for the other guys to hear.

“Hey Jack, I like my nuts on the rare side!  Don’t get them too close to the ........”

Seeing the blush on Jack’s face and his move towards the stairs, Gavin darted in through the door laughing.  The fact that the confident, intelligent, sophisticated, and always very horny Jack Ryan, blushed at public sex talk cracked Gavin up. Sometimes during dinners and parties, Gavin would look at Jack and mouth dirty phrases just to see him blush.  Gavin usually only did it when he was ready to go home.  Not only did it make Jack blush, it also made him horny as hell.  Jack was just SO easy! Gavin was easy too, but at least he didn’t blush about it. 

Opening the fridge door, Gavin started pulling out containers and bowls filled with the side dishes everyone had brought for the cookout.  He heard voices in the family room and walked down the hall to tell whoever it was that they’d be eating soon.  He wasn’t joking about getting everyone to leave!  He and Jack were Two Really Easy Guys and they really did want to play with each other’s n.....

“What are you guys doing?”  Gavin’s eyes widened at seeing Tyler and Kyle sitting on the couch, leaning over the coffee table, sniffing at a white powdery substance.

Gavin had never been involved in any major drug use. He’d smoked pot a few times in college and then he’d met Jack before he was 21.  That had put a stop to any further drug exploration, even if he’d wanted to.  Jack would have KILLED him!  And even though Gavin might have a SLIGHT problem with exaggeration at times... KILLED was a major understatement. 

Tyler fumbled around on the couch, and then jumped up, slightly nervous and jittery.  “Gav, uhm...we’re....”

“Chill.”  Kyle yanked on Tyler’s arm, pulling him until he was sitting on the edge of couch.  “We’re just about finished here.  No problem.”

“NO Problem!”  Gavin sputtered in a stage whisper.  He looked back towards the hall to make sure no one else came in.  “Tyler, you know that Jack would..... shit if...”

“Jack doesn’t have to know.  You don’t have to tell him everything, Gavin.”  Tyler’s eyes narrowed.  “Can’t you even have one thought without clearing it with Jack first?” 

“He’s not going to say anything to... Jack...”  Kyle smiled at Gavin.  “Are you Gavin?  It’s not a big deal.  We’re almost finished. Would you like to join us?”

“NO!”  Gavin took a breath.  “We’re getting ready to eat.  You better get that stuff out of here.”

Gavin sent Tyler a glare and headed back towards the kitchen.

Kyle looked at Tyler and frowned.  “Your friend’s are a drag.”

Tyler pushed himself off the couch.  “Jack’s a prosecutor.....and kind of stuffy.  But Gavin is a lot of fun. I better go talk to him, before he tells Jack.”

Gavin was slamming dishes on the counter.  He was so angry with Tyler his head was about to explode and he was so disgusted with Kyle that his stomach was rolling.  Jack had been right all along.

“Sorry about that, Gav.”  Tyler came in the kitchen and leaned against the counter. “You aren’t going to mention this to Jack, are you?”

“I can’t believe you, Tyler!”  Gavin growled. “We invite you into our home and you pull this shit.”

“Gavin, I like this guy. He’s taking me away this weekend; we’re leaving in the morning.  He’s fun and rich and .....not everyone is as lucky as you.  Don’t you think I have a right to be happy too?”

Gavin shook his head. Tyler was clueless to just about everything!
“What does THAT have to do with you sneaking around in my home? And do you really think that snorting coke with this guy is going to make you happy?”

“Kyle likes doing it.  He likes me doing it with him. It’s not like I do it all the time.”

“So Kyle likes it and you think you have to do it in order for him to like you? He’s going to tell you what you like and what to do.”  Gavin shook his head.  “You don’t even have a mind of your own anymore, Tyler!”

“Hey, you’ve NEVER had a mind of your own!  What’s the difference?”

“What do you mean by that?” Gavin’s eyes narrowed.

“Oh, Jack’s going to shit.  Oh, Jack doesn’t think that’s a good idea.”  Tyler sighed dramatically and rolled his eyes.  “Jack finds out about this and I bet you aren’t allowed to play with me anymore.”

Gavin’s whole body shook. “Jack doesn’t tell me who I can and can’t be friends with!”

“I hope not, Gav. I have a feeling you’d lose in a bet on it.”  Tyler turned around and headed towards the family room. “And I’d lose a good friend.”


Jack closed the dishwasher door and dried his hands on a towel.  He found Gavin sprawled on the family room floor; Martha curled up beside him, watching a movie.

“You ready to play nuts now, buddy?”  Jack laid down beside Gavin on the floor, not blushing in the least now that they were alone.

Gavin leaned his head back against Jack’s chest.  He played with the hair on Jack’s arm.  “Jack, tell me the truth.  If you had your way I’d not even be friends with Tyler would I?”

“You’re an adult, Gav.  You decide who your friends are.”  Jack rubbed his chin in Gavin’s hair.  “Why are we still talking about Tyler?”

“I don’t know. Something...he said.”  Gavin shrugged his shoulders.  “But you don’t like him, do you?”

“I never said I didn’t like him.  I’ve only said that I’m not comfortable with some of the things he does, and don’t want you anywhere near him at those times.”

“You’d never tell me that I couldn’t be friends with him or anyone else?”

“I think as an adult you can pretty much decide who you want to be friends with, don’t you?  I trust you.  If you were with him and did something you know for certain you shouldn’t be doing, then you’re the one I’d have an issue with, not Tyler.”

Gavin didn’t figure Jack knew about Tyler doing drugs, but since Gavin had no intentions of doing ANY drugs, then it wasn’t an issue. He wriggled his butt against the front of Jack’s pants. 

“Okay.... you ready to play nuts now?”

Martha awoke when the wiggling started.  She jumped up and ran towards her bed on the other side of the couch. She knew all of the signs now and wanted to be far away from those two when they started that funny business on the floor!  AGAIN!  This was getting to be ridiculous!  Didn’t those two ever wiggle in a bed? She jumped in her bed and covered her eyes with her paws. 

Her people were SO strange.


“Do you have court this morning?”  Gavin asked as he poured milk in the glass on the counter.

“No, just meetings today.”  Jack fixed the tie that hung around his neck.  “You free for lunch?”

Gavin looked disappointed.  “No, I’ve got a meeting.  How come I always have meetings on the days you don’t have court?”

Jack laughed. “I’ll mention to the judge that we need to schedule these things around your schedule.”

“You do that.”  The phone rang, Gavin reached over to answer it, laughing.  “Hello.’  Gavin stopped laughing when he heard Tyler’s voice.  Gavin covered the mouthpiece.  “It’s just Tyler.”

“I’ve got to take off.”  Jack leaned across the counter and kissed Gavin on the lips.  “See you tonight.”

Gavin waved goodbye to Jack and held the phone against his shoulder.  “What did you need, Ty?” 

“Kyle and I are heading to Windsor for the weekend.  We’re in the car now.”

“That’ll be fun.”  Gavin really didn’t care.  He was just about sick of Tyler and every single one of his boyfriends.

“Anyway, we left Kyle’s bag of know, under the cushion on the couch.  I stuffed it under there last night when you came in the room and then forgot it. We’re already half way to Windsor; it’d be stupid to drive back now.”


“You heard me.   Anyway, could you get it and keep it safe for him until we get back.”  Tyler paused a second when there wasn’t any response from Gavin. His voice dripped with sarcasm when he continued. “You’re a good friend, Gav. You CAN do a favor for a friend without asking Jack’s permission, right?”

“Unlike you, Tyler, I have a mind of my own.” Gavin’s body started shaking again.

“As long as it’s okay with Jack.”  Tyler snapped back.

“I don’t have to ask Jack for permission to do anything,” Gavin was seething.

“Great. I knew I could count on you.  We’ll drop by Sunday on our way home and pick it up.  See you then.”

Gavin held the receiver in his hand, still shaking.  Jack wasn’t anything like this Kyle person and Gavin hated Tyler even insinuating that he was.  Jack didn’t want to control him!  Jack never told him who he could be friends with!

He’d hide this stuff for the weekend and then Gavin wasn’t going to ever talk to Tyler again as long as he lived.  The guy was trouble.

He slammed the phone down and ran to the family room, searching the cushions for the cocaine bag.  He ran up the stairs and pulled out his locker from under his bed, unlocking it with the key he stored in his nightstand.  After the package was safely inside, he locked the locker and shoved it back under the bed, taking the key with him to work.

And thought of nothing else the entire day. 

Gavin was convinced the DEA was going to bust in his office at any moment, with machine guns pointed at his head and cart him off to a maximum security prison. 

He just wasn’t cut out to be a Drug Lord.

By the time he went to bed that night he was a bundle of nerves and was convinced that the SWAT team had surrounded the house and he and Jack were both headed for the Big House; charged with possession and locked up for the rest of their lives; in a one room cell. 

Gavin had every intention of spending the rest of his life with Jack.  Gavin could picture the two of them as really old, wrinkly men, rocking in the rocking chairs on the front porch.  They’d be really horny old men too.  They’d not be able to keep their arthritic hands off of each other. They’d be chasing each other around the house in their walkers.

They’d be Two Really Easy Old Wrinkly Guys.

But the thought of being locked up in a one room prison cell with a VERY angry Jack Ryan wasn’t such a pleasant fantasy. 

When he finally fell asleep, the nightmares began and that SWAT team invaded the house.  This time the leader was none other than Jack Ryan himself.  He held a big paddle in his huge hands with GAVIN MCCOURT, DRUG LORD emblazoned across it, in HUGE red letters.

Gavin woke up in a sweat! He scrambled out of bed and peeked under it, making sure the locker was still there and LOCKED tight.  It was still there; just as it had been the last twenty times he’d checked.

“Gavin, what are you doing now?”  Jack sat up in bed, flicking on the light.

Gavin peered up over the edge of the bed. “Nothing.”

“Then let’s do “nothing” in bed, please. You’ve been a bundle of nerves all evening.  How much coffee did you drink today?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe that’s it.  Coffee...”  Gavin muttered, climbing back into bed.  He peeked once more over the side, before Jack turned off the light and pulled him down to rest his head against Jack’s chest. GOD, he should’ve told Jack about this from the beginning.  He didn’t think he’d survive this until Sunday.

Gavin didn’t think he’d be able to shut his eyes the whole night. He didn’t WANT to go to jail.  He chewed on his lip for a few minutes and listened to the sound of Jack’s heart beating against his ear; feeling the vibration of it.  That rhythm always made Gavin feel so safe and secure. He let out a sigh.  He had nothing to worry about.  He started to relax, his eyes drooped shut.  He didn’t have to worry about the DEA or the ATF or the SWAT team tonight.  He always felt so safe with Jack.

Gavin’s eyes popped open. 

WHO was he kidding? 

If Jack found out about this Gavin would be begging for DEA intervention. He’d be throwing himself on the mercy of the court; pleading for solitary confinement in a maximum security prison.  Preferably in a third world that didn’t have an airport. 

Jack would KILL him!

Jack pulled the shower door opened part way and stuck his head in. “You awake yet, buddy?”

“I’m getting there.”  Gavin gave Jack a sleepy smile. His eyes were still red from lack of sleep, but the shower was waking him up a bit.

“You tossed and turned all night.”  Jack smiled back.  “You feeling okay?”

“You could come in here with me.”  Gavin waggled his eyebrows. “That would make me feel better.”

“I’d love to.”  Jack sighed, eyeing Gavin up and down. “But Katie’s here. Patrick dropped her off for a visit while he’s getting some supplies at Lowe’s. She wanted to see you. You better hurry, or she’s going come looking for you. You know she’ll only tolerate me for a few minutes.”

“Why didn’t you say so?”  Gavin laughed, shutting off the shower.  “Don’t let her in here until I get dried off.”

“She’s sitting on our bed watching cartoons.  I’m going to bring some clothes up from the laundry room.  She’ll be fine.”

Gavin jumped out of the shower; afraid the little imp would try and climb in there with him.  He dried off in a hurry and pulled on his jogging shorts.  He walked in the bedroom and called her name when he noticed she wasn’t sitting on the bed. 

”Katie, where are you?”

Her little head popped up from the other side of the bed.  The big blue eyes that took up her whole tiny, elf shaped face twinkled.  She giggled.  “Hewre I am, Unca Gabin.”

Gavin laughed. He loved hearing her giggle and melted at how she said his name. God, he loved being an uncle. “Were you hiding?”

“Yeth. I hided undewr da bed..”  She giggled again.  “I comed to see you, Unca Gabin.”

Gavin leaned against the doorway and smiled at her.  There should be a law against being that damned cute.  “I’m so happy you came. I missed you.”

“I mithed you too.”  She rubbed her mouth with her hand.  A white film covered her lips.  She pointed down on the floor, jumping up and down.  “Open dis box Unca Gabin!  Open!”

Gavin laughed. He got such a kick out of hearing her talk.  He stopped laughing and his heart began to race when he noticed the white film covering her mouth. It was all over the front of her little, tiny pink shirt.  “What...what’s on your mouth?  Oh my GOD!  Were you...did you get in the box... under my bed?”

Katie nodded her head, her little blonde curls bounced around her face.  “Yeth. I hided.... undewr da bed.”

Not needing any further evidence, Gavin ran across the room, picked her up and stuck his finger in her mouth..

“OH MY GOD!  Please, Please......HEEEELPPP!  JAAAACK!”

Katie started laughing at this new game. Her Unca Gabin was always so much fun. She loved him best of all.  He wasn’t normally this rough when they played, but she did have two older brothers and could take care of herself.

She bit his finger.

Gavin howled when her little teeth chomped down on his finger.  “OW!”  He picked her up, tossed her over his shoulder, ran down the hall and scrambled down the stairs calling for Jack.


Jack met them at the bottom of the stairs, dropping the clothes he was carrying.  “Gavin, what happened?”

“It’s Katie!! Oh my GOD, Jack.  We  ...have to get her to... the... hospital!”  Gavin was bouncing up and down, Katie, hanging over his shoulder, head bobbing with each bounce, giggling so hard her little elf face was beet red.

Jack’s heart was pounding. He tried prying Katie off Gavin’s shoulder, but his bouncing was making it difficult to get a good grip.  “What happened? My God, Gavin, what happened to her?”

“COKE!  She’s overdosed on Coke!”  Gavin bounced some more, his whole body was shaking, his face was bright red; he was going to pass out any second.  “We have to get her to the hospital now!”

Coke?  Jack took a calming breath, reaching for Katie again. “Give her to me.  Gavin, let go, NOW!”

Lifting her from Gavin’s shoulder, Jack held the giggling, beet red little imp in his hands. 

“Unca Gabin is fuunnny.”  She squealed.   “Do agin!  Do agin!”

“Jack...we have to...”

“Gavin, what exactly do you think she’s overdosed on again?  Please.”  Jack sat Katie on his hip and winced when her squeals pierced his eardrums.  “Agin!  AGIN!”

Gavin burst into tears; his whole body shook with tremors. “COKE!  Jack, we're wasting time...we don't have much........OH GOD!"!

“Gavin, why would having a drink of Coke hurt her?”  Jack checked Katie’s eyes, in between all the bouncing and giggling she was doing. She squealed some more. “AGIN! DO AGIN!

“Not THAT kind of coke!”  Gavin wiped Katie’s mouth with shaking fingers.  “Coke. Cocaine. It was ....under our bed. MY GOD, Jack!  We have to hurry!”

Jack rubbed his face with his hand. Then he rubbed a finger over Katie’s mouth and licked it.  He rubbed it again and stuck his finger in Gavin’s mouth.

“She just ate a powdered donut.”  Jack’s heart rate was slowing down.  He took a deep calming breath.

Gavin was still shaking.  He tried breathing normally, unable to move for a second.  He let out a shaky breath. “Oh.”

“Oh.” Jack just stood there for a few minutes, holding a bouncing Katie in his arms, staring at Gavin with a very confused look on his face.  When his heart rate had slowed down to a normal beat, he was ready to ask the question he knew just HAD to be asked.

“What made you think there was cocaine under our bed?”


An hour later Katie was packed off with Patrick, still squealing about the fun she had with her Unca Gabin.  Patrick had no idea what she was rambling about, and Jack didn’t feel the need to fill him in.  He found, from years of Gavin experience, some things were just........unexplainable. 

He found Gavin standing in the corner of their bedroom, right where he’d left him.  Jack walked straight to the bed, where the open locker was sitting and called Gavin over.

“Gavin come here.”

Gavin shuffled over to he bed, sniffling, eyes swollen from crying.  Jack put the cocaine in his hands. 

“You are going to put this cocaine right where you should have from the very beginning.  Do you need any clues as to where that is?”

Gavin shook his head.  He carried the bag between his fingers, like it held the very plague and touching it could cause immediate death and went in the bathroom.  He opened the bag and dumped the contents into the toilet, swished it around with a cleaning brush and flushed.  Three times.

“In here, Gavin.”  Jack stood in the doorway to the bathroom. 

Gavin walked thru the doorway on shaky legs.  He couldn’t look Jack in the eye.  He just couldn’t.   “I’m sorry.   Please don’t hate me.”

Grabbing Gavin by the arm, Jack propelled Gavin towards the bed with five hard swats landing in quick rapid succession.  “Sit!”

Gavin sat.

“Who loves you?” Jack folded his arms across his massive chest and glared down at Gavin.

Gavin’s eyes widened, but he didn’t speak.

“WHO loves YOU?”

Gavin swallowed.  “You?”


Gavin looked down at the floor.  “You love me.”  And he believed it.

“That’s right.  I don’t want to ever hear you utter the words “please don’t hate me” again in the same sentence. No matter how angry you think I am or how sorry you are for what ever you’ve done. Those words insult me.  They insult you.  Most of all...they insult us.”

Gavin nodded his head, still looking at the floor. Jack grabbed his chin, pulling his head up until their eyes met.

“I swear to you Gavin, the next time I hear it; you’ll be spanked to within an inch of your life for that alone.  Is that clear?”

Gavin nodded his head again. “I’ll never say them again.  If I do you’ll spank me to within an inch of my life.”

“Remember it.” Jack nodded his head and let out a breath.  “Now I realize that the chances of the police raiding the house on a random search and seizure are pretty slim; but hiding an illegal drug in our home comes under that very same heading. “Illegal.”.

“I know.”  Gavin squirmed on the bed.  “I mean, I know it’s illegal.”

“I would hope so, Gav.”  Jack crossed his arms over his chest. “But to be sure that you completely understand just how illegal it is, you can write a paper on the laws of felony drug possession.  You’ll find about one hundred law books.... right in our very own den; you won’t have any problems finding the information you need.”

Gavin wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.  That sounded more than fair, although he had a feeling Jack was far from finished with him. 

“I prosecuted a man for this very thing, just last week.”  Jack crossed his arms over his chest.  “He’s doing three to five at OSP now.  Maybe I should drive down there and apologize to the guy; considering that without my knowledge, *I* was doing the very same thing.”

Gavin’s eyes went wide. “Jack, *you* didn’t do anything!  *I* did it.”

“Gavin, we’re partners, remember?   Everything you do affects me. Just as everything *I* do affects you. Everything! And the ramifications for possessing an illegal drug in our home would have “legally” affected us both.”

“I’m sorry!”  God, he really was..SO sorry!

“And hiding “illegal” drugs from me because you knew I wouldn’t have permitted them to be anywhere near our home, comes under the heading of “sneaking” or “lying by omission.”  Jack crossed his arms over his chest. “This is the reason you were up all last night, right? Because you were stressed about lying and sneaking?”

Gavin let out a breath. GOD, he was so dead.  He wondered if that guy down at OSP had an extra cot he’d be willing to share. That guy got off easy as far as Gavin was concerned. HE was probably sitting in that jail cell thanking GOD he didn’t live with Jack Ryan.    “Yes.  I KNEW it was wrong. I KNEW I should’ve told you.  But Tyler kept saying this stuff made me mad.”

“How many times have we gone over that?” Jack sat down on the bed beside Gavin. “And what happens when we do?”

“Tons of times.”  Gavin sniffed. “And I get..... spanked.”

“And how could you have prevented that?” Jack asked, pulling Gavin up from the bed.

“By telling you everything from the start.”  Gavin stood between Jack’s knees and sniffled some more.

“Exactly.”  Jack’s hands rested on Gavin’s waist. “Now explain to me again, why you felt that you needed to keep the cocaine for Tyler, because you felt he was insulting me?”

“I told Tyler that he was only doing this stuff so Kyle would like him and that he didn’t have a mind of his own or able to think for himself.  And then HE said that was how it was for me, and there wasn’t any difference. And how.... I can’t do anything without your permission or be a friend to someone that you don’t like.    He made it sound like YOU were like this Kyle and had some kind of control over me and I don’t think for myself and ...that’s NOT TRUE!”

Gavin rubbed his forehead with the palm of his hand.  He hoped that didn’t sound as confusing to Jack as it did to him.  He was getting a headache just listening to himself talk.  Jack was going to need a whole bottle of Tylenol before this was day was over, Gavin was SURE of it.

“What part of that isn’t true?”  Jack raised both brows.

Gavin looked up at Jack. “None of it!  All of it!....I don’t know....but you aren’t like Kyle. You don’t control me like that.”

“I do have control over you, Gavin.  A lot of control.”

“You are NOT like Kyle!”

“There’s a big difference between you and me and Kyle and Tyler.”

Gavin whimpered when Jack pulled down his jogging shorts and underwear in one motion. “I know!”

“How?”  Jack pulled Gavin over his knees, before leaning over and grabbing the hairbrush off the night stand.. “Explain how we’re different.”

“You just SAID so!”  Gavin’s brow wrinkled in confusion, and then yelped when the brush landed with a crack.. “We just ARE!  We’re....I don’t know, but we are!”

Jack went on to explain it, the brush cracked down on Gavin’s butt, in slow, methodical, and extremely painful detail.  “We are a unit, a couple, partners for life.  And like I’ve told you before, anything either of us chooses to do, DOES affect the other.  So NO!  We DON’T get to do anything we like without checking to see how it’s going to effect the other.  NO!  We don’t get to do that!  I DO control a good part of your life, Gavin; just as YOU control a great deal of MINE!”

“I KNOW!”  Gavin howled.  He had known that.  He just hadn’t been able to explain it to Tyler.  He REALLY didn’t think he’d have a problem explaining it again.  As hard as it was to concentrate with that brush burning every inch of his skin, his legs kicking and his whole body squirming in an effort to get away from it; the things Jack was saying were so simple he understood them completely. 

“You don’t lie to me. You don’t sneak around behind my back when you think you’re doing something I wouldn’t like.  You talk to me! And if you make a decision that is harmful to you, then that affects US.  And I DO take issue with that.”

“I will...please...I’ll talk you.... STOP.”  Gavin gasped, he was going to stop breathing soon. He was SURE of it. 

“And yes, Kyle and I ARE different! And you DO have a mind of your own. If I ever did tell you to take drugs or do anything else that would be harmful to you, I’d kick your ass if you didn’t... run... like... hell.”  That last statement made perfect sense to Gavin and the last three words were accompanied by that brush, fast, right in the same spot, nearly sending him off Jack’s lap. 

Jack held on to Gavin’s waist and pulled him up on his lap; holding him as he squirmed and bounced trying to put out the flames. He buried his head in Jack’s neck.

“I know I should’ve told Tyler no.” Gavin sobbed when he got his breath back. “Or thrown the stuff away in the beginning   I know I should’ve told you. When I think of what could have happened to Katie......”

“Gavin, the locker was locked.”  Jack closed his eyes, thanking God for that. “When something is bothering you, that’s when you need to talk to me.  You have good instincts, Gav, you just need to listen to them a little closer.”

“I’m never talking to Tyler again.”  Gavin lifted his head from Jack’s shoulder. “I’m going to tell him not to call me until he gets his act together.”

“See, you DO have good instincts.”  Jack kissed Gavin’s forehead. “I have a few things I’d like to tell him myself.”

Gavin sniffed; he gave Jack a watery smile. “Yeah.  We’ll tell him that...together.”


Gavin walked out of the den, reading one of Jack’s law books.  It wasn’t nearly as boring as he’d thought it was going to be. He found Jack sitting on the couch in the family room, Martha at his feet, watching television.

Gavin looked up from his book.  “Jack, did you know that in Oklahoma it’s illegal for a man to masturbate while observing a couple making love in the back seat of a parked car in a drive-in theater? It says here, he could be charged with "molesting a vehicle”.

Jack rubbed his face with his hands.  “What are reading, exactly?  I thought you were supposed to be writing a report on the laws of felony drug possession.”

Gavin plopped down on the couch beside Jack, holding the book in his lap.  “I was. And I did get a lot done, but then I got sidetracked”

Very sidetracked.  He’d found an interesting article on the tons different sex laws still on the books and well, once he got started, he just couldn’t stop reading.  Of course, anytime he started thinking about sex, he immediately started thinking about Jack. Gavin was a Really Easy Guy and there was NO way he could have concentrated on drug possession laws after that.

“Anyway, I decided I needed a break.”  Gavin leaned back on the couch and lifted his feet into Jack’s lap.  He wiggled them some and grinned.  “There are some really interesting things in these books, Jack.  You should’ve told me about them.”

Jack grinned, pulling Gavin’s legs until he was practically on his lap.  “What interesting things did you find?”

“Well, Montana has a law that bans all sexual activity in the front yard of a home after sundown—if they're nude.” Gavin scooted even further in Jack’s lap and wiggled a little.

Gavin tilted his head and grinned.  “I’ve always preferred “nude sex”. How bout you?”

A little moan escaped from Jack’s throat in reaction to that wiggle and Gavin’s grin always did him in.  Jack was a Really Easy Guy too, and it didn’t take much. 

Gavin grinned again, knowing that he had Jack, just about right where he wanted him. He leaned closer until his face was just inches from Jack's.

“And did you know that the only acceptable sexual position in Washington D.C. is the missionary position? Any other sexual position is considered illegal. Aren’t you glad that WE don’t live there?  It’s no wonder that President Clinton got in all that trouble.  Maybe he didn’t kn.....”

The rest of that sentence  was cut off when Jack covered Gavin's  mouth with his own. Who cared what President Clinton didn't know?  Not Jack, that's for sure.  He was a Really Easy Guy and .... could think of several positions he’d like to get Gavin in.  He wasn’t waiting another second.

Martha jumped up from the floor beside the couch.  She sighed when she saw what her guys were up to.  AGAIN.   This was getting to be a habit.  A really bad habit that she could tell these two had NO intentions of breaking.  She knew she wasn’t allowed on that bed up those stairs. She didn’t quite understand WHY!  Since these two never used it!

She looked back once more and sighed again before running for the stairs. There was no sense in letting a perfectly good bed go to waste.