by Rusty

Jack was laughing as he watched his brother Patrick and his five-year-old twins, Jason and Nathan, argue down the front porch steps.  The boys wanted to stop at McDonald’s on the way home and he bet the redheaded duo would eventually win that argument.   He shut the front door and turned around, only to walk right into Gavin.

“Hey you.”  Jack smiled and put his hands on Gavin’s waist.

“I thought they’d never leave.”  Gavin smiled back, but kept his hands behind his back.

“Why?” Jack asked as he pulled Gavin a little closer. “You were having so much fun playing Playstation with the boys.  I didn’t think you’d ever want them to leave.”

“Oh, I had fun.”  Gavin’s face had that mischievous look about it. “But Jason and Nathan gave me… a present and I couldn’t do…well, what I wanted to do with it while they were still here.”

“What kind of present?”  Jack eyed Gavin, just a little leery of his expression.

Gavin brought one hand from behind his back and held it up so Jack could see. “Your Dad gave Jason and Nathan a pair of his old handcuffs.  I had this idea...maybe we could play this game I thought up!  It's called ‘Bad Cop/Bad Guy’.”

Jack raised his eyebrows with interest and pulled Gavin closer.  “Sounds like a plan. Who gets to be the ‘Bad Cop’ and who gets to be the ‘Bad Guy’?”

Gavin wiggled his eyebrows.  “Oh, I get to be the cop.  I figured I’d arrest you, maybe handcuff you to the bed and then....have my way with you.”

Jack leaned his head down and rubbed his cheek against Gavin’s.  He started nibbling, just below his ear. 

“I like the last part of this plan.  I really...don’t think you’d get much…of a struggle from this ‘bad guy’ though.” 

“Oh, come on.”  Gavin put his arms around Jack’s waist, the handcuffs dangling from his hand. “I wanted you to struggle...some. You’re too...easy..”

A soft groan escaped from Gavin’s throat when his zipper was pushed down and Jack’s hand found its way through the opening of his jeans.  Another groan escaped when he felt Jack’s other hand slide down his back and inside and down his boxers.

Jack talked softly into Gavin’s ear, in between nibbles. “I’m just not ...the struggling sort...I guess.  How ‘ be the one that does the...struggling?”

Gavin didn’t think he could walk, let alone do any struggling.  Not with all of the nibbling and squeezing Jack was doing.  He must not be ...the struggling sort… either. Maybe they could play “Bad Cop/Bad Guy” some other time.

Right this minute, all Gavin wanted to play was the game called “Two Really Easy Guys”. It was a game he and Jack had played together for about seven years now.  They were both really good at it.

The handcuffs dropped to the floor.

“How ‘bout...we… just…forget the…struggling part?” Gavin groaned and slid his hand down the front of Jack’s jeans. And squeezed.

“ a plan?”

Jack groaned this time.

He really did like the sound of that plan.

Jack walked in through the kitchen door and laid his briefcase down on the counter.  He smiled and blew a kiss at Gavin, who was sitting on a stool, talking on the phone.

Gavin blew him a kiss back as he told whoever it was on the other end of the phone line that they would see them on Saturday.  He pushed the button disconnecting it and leaned his head back for a real kiss when Jack reached him.

“Who are we seeing on Saturday?”  Jack asked against Gavin’s lips, then kissed him again before he could answer.  After that one ended, Jack headed for the fridge and grabbed a juice can out of it.

“Chris and Andrew are throwing a party on Saturday.  Kind of a ‘before the holiday rush’ party.  They said it was too hard to get everybody together during the real holidays, so they’d just throw one now.”  Gavin stole a drink from Jack’s can and handed it back to him.  “Sound like a plan?”

“Yeah, sounds like a plan.  Good idea, really.  Our calendars are already almost full for December.  What with your work party, my office has several….”  Jack took a drink of juice and sat down on the stool across the counter from Gavin.  “And let’s not forget…all the Ryan stuff that goes on…forever, the whole month of December.”

Gavin smiled, thinking of all the hustle of December.  Especially the Ryan stuff.  “I love all the Ryan stuff during the holidays!”

“I know you do.”  Jack chuckled, thinking Gavin should have been the Ryan in this relationship.  He loved all the family stuff.  “So do I, it’s just there never seems to be a second of free time from Thanksgiving to Christmas.”

“I know, isn’t it great!”  Gavin took Jack’s can again. “Speaking of plans, is your football game still on for tonight?”

“Yeah, I’m going to have to get moving.  We’re supposed to be at the field at seven o’clock.  I’m going to grab a sandwich on the way.  You coming?”  Jack pushed himself up from the stool.

“Well, Eric and Tyler called, they wanted me to go out with them for Eric’s birthday.  Probably grab something to eat before.”  Gavin finished Jack’s juice and sat the can on the counter. His twenty-four hour protection sentence from last month had been served and he was now a free man. “When I get home maybe we can play ‘Bad Cop/Bad guy’.”

“Sounds like a really good plan. You get to do the struggling though.” Jack walked around the counter and planted another kiss on Gavin’s lips. “Make sure you eat something. And be home by 11:00.  It’s a work night.”

Jack headed for the doorway to the stairs. “I gotta get moving, I’m going to be late.”

Gavin smiled and called out to Jack’s retreating back, “Be home by eleven! It’s a work night!”

He could hear Jack’s laughter coming from down the hall.

Gavin was sitting nervously at the table, looking around with interest at all of the strange people. Tyler and Eric had talked him into going to the Interchange.  The bar hadn't been open for business all that long and the place had already earned a reputation for trouble.  Something was written in the newspaper about it at least once a week since its opening. 

They had already witnessed two fights and some very strange things going on in the restroom.  There were people dressed up in the weirdest clothes he’d ever seen.

Gavin had seen people dressed like this or..... somewhat anyway, at the malls and restaurants.  But he’d never seen so many people that had this interesting fashion sense in one place at one time.  He wondered where these people went during the day.  Where did they work?  What did they do when they weren’t here?  Maybe there were special businesses that employed these....people.  Gavin spent a few minutes trying to figure out what those businesses might be.  Not being able to think of a one, he leaned over to scream in Eric’s ear so he could be heard over the music.

“I told you this place was weird.  Jack said it’s only a matter of time before the police raid it.  I think I saw someone snorting coke in the restroom.” 

His eyes widened as a guy wearing black eye makeup, black lipstick and black leather pants with thigh high boots walked by.  The guy looked at Gavin and stuck his tongue out at him.  There was a black hoop earring hanging from it.  His girlfriend followed behind him, dressed in exactly the same outfit.  Her makeup didn’t look any better.  Gavin decided that there couldn’t be enough special businesses to employ all of these people.  They probably just disappeared during the day.  Slept in coffins and just came out at suck blood or something.

“I know. But I had to see what everyone was talking about.”  Eric was just about as wide-eyed at the whole place as Gavin.

Tyler just rolled his eyes.  “You guys are such bumpkins.  You’d think you never went anywhere.”

Gavin rolled his eyes back at Tyler.  “I go places, but I never knew there were THIS many weirdos in Cleveland!”

“You just don’t get to the finer establishments because Jack is such a member of the Republican Party.”  Tyler laughed, although he really hadn’t known there were this many weirdos in Cleveland either.

Gavin was totally affronted by that accusation. “Jack is NOT a Republican!”

Tyler laughed again at Gavin’s look.  “I just meant he’s kind of conservative about things.”

Well, that much was true.  Gavin was nervous about just BEING here.  Jack had told him that the police had been investigating this place for a while. Although he’d never actually told Gavin he couldn’t come here, he probably thought that just telling him it was being investigated was enough.  The thought of what Jack would do if he knew he had let these guys talk him into coming here had Gavin squirming in his chair. 

He’d KILL him!

Gavin hadn’t decided on exactly what he WAS going to tell Jack about where all they had went.  Eric and Tyler had promised they’d only stay a few minutes, just to see what had everyone talking.  It wasn’t like Jack expected him to give him an exact itinerary of every place he went. He was a grown man, after all.  Not mentioning a few minutes out of several hours wasn’t that big a deal.

Yeah, right!

That all sounded like a good plan, but it didn’t stop those damned butterflies from flapping around in his stomach.  The same butterflies he always got when he was being...a little sneaky about stuff.  Gavin knew damn well that Jack wouldn’t want him anywhere near this place.

“We should’ve just gone to Tandy’s.  They have some really hot guys there.”  Eric yelled over the music.  He was always interested in where the hot guys were.

Gavin wasn’t interested in the hot guys part of that, but Tandy’s sounded like a better plan to him.  “Let’s just go then. We’ve already seen what all of the fuss was about.”

Tyler and Eric nodded in agreement.  Just as they were getting their jackets on to leave, a commotion erupted from the front of the bar.  Everyone seemed to scatter, heading for the nearest exit.  The music stopped playing and the lights were turned on.

Police swarmed the place in seconds. They had several people in handcuffs before anyone had a chance to actually exit through the doors.  Gavin, Tyler and Eric hadn’t even had enough time to put their coats on. 

Gavin groaned.  Oh God! For a MOSTLY law abiding citizen, whose partner was an officer of the court, he seemed to be having a run of bad luck as far as the police were concerned. 

“Let’s get out of here,”  Tyler said, as if THAT was something everyone in the place hadn’t already thought of.

They started for the nearest exit, only to be stopped after a few feet by someone calling Gavin’s name.

“Gavin, is that you?” 

Gavin recognized Sgt. DiLorretto immediately and groaned again. He had been the officer that had written up his statement when he had been arrested for those damned parking tickets. He KNEW Jack!   Damn, just his luck, Gavin thought.  Why did it have to be HIM of all people?  Of the all gin joints in all the towns in all the world why did he have to walk into THIS one?

“No?”  Gavin answered, covering his face with his hands.  Like that was going to HELP! 

Sgt. DiLorretto ignored Gavin’s questionable denial of who he was.  “What are you doing here?  Hasn’t Jack told you what all’s been going down at this place?”

“Jack?”  Gavin looked around the big room, searching for a clue as to how he could explain this.  He spotted two girls that looked like they might be twins.  Well, they both had green hair, anyway. They HAD to be twins.  Maybe he could say he had a twin brother or something.  Yeah, a TWIN! An EVIL TWIN!

“You must be ...talking about my.…” Gavin started to explain about his...GOOD brother, Gavin. The brother that would NEVER be seen at a place like this!

“We were just leaving! Isn’t that right Gavin?”  Tyler interrupted that perfectly brilliant plan and pointed at Gavin, thinking if he knew this cop, maybe there was a chance they could get out of here.

Gavin groaned when he heard Tyler use HIS name.  God, now Sgt. DiLorretto would never buy his whole Evil Twin Brother Plan. It was a really good one too.  He’d just have to file that one away for future use.  He could always use a good plan.

“Well, this isn’t a place you just stop by for a quick drink.”  Sgt. DiLorretto shook his head.  “This place has been nothing but trouble since it opened up.  I’m sure Jack wouldn’t want you anywhere near this place.”

That was putting in mildly.  Jack was going to KILL him.  Murder him even.

Gavin held out his hands.   “Go ahead…just arrest me …now!”

“What?”  Sgt. DiLorretto shook his head.  He’d gone to the Police Academy with Jack’s dad, Big John.  He’d always liked Jack as a person, respected and admired him as an attorney and now District Attorney.  He didn’t much understand about the whole “gay” thing, but as long as he didn’t think about it too much, it didn’t bother him.  But he really did think Jack’s...friend...was about two bricks short a full load.

Gavin grabbed the Sergeant’s arm. “Go ahead….please.  I mean...I’m  HERE, aren’t I?  You’re arresting everybody else! What is it …about ME…that no one ever wants to put me in jail?”

Sgt. DiLoretto shook his head and looked at Tyler and Eric, who both shared the same look of amazement he knew was on his own face.

“We’re not arresting everyone, son.  We’re only here for....certain people.”

“Well can...put me in the...Witness Protection Program!” Gavin clutched the Sergeant’s shirt even tighter.

“Witness Protection Program?” Sgt. DiLorreto tried pulling his arms away. “You witness something?”

Oh God.  He had to get in that program....SOMEHOW!  And he had witnessed plenty of really weird things here.  Gavin spotted the guy in the leather thigh high boots and his girlfriend being led away in handcuffs. 

“I…I…can testify about …HIM!”  Gavin let go of one of the Sergeant’s arms and pointed at the boot guy.

Sgt. DiLorretto blinked.  “You know that guy?  He’s one of the owners of this place.  Biggest dealer in town.  You see anything, buy any drugs from him?”

“NO!”  Gavin looked appalled.  If that rumor ever got about, there wouldn’t be a program on earth that would be able to hide him.  Jack would FIND him for sure, and KILL him ….slowly!

“But...he has an earring in his....TONGUE.  I SAW it!”  Gavin couldn’t even think straight.  He wished he’d stayed home or gone with Jack to his football game.  “I could testify about....THAT!”

Sgt. DiLorreto shook his head.  This guy was definitely shy ...SEVERAL bricks.  Poor Jack.

“Listen, you three just go.  Get out of here and stay away.  This isn’t a place you need to be in.” 

“But...but what about that...program?”  Gavin’s eyes were pleading.  Why did the police NEVER realize it was their DUTY to protect innocent citizens from …potential murders?  It was supposed to be some kind of a code....or something.

Sgt. DiLorretto pushed Gavin towards the door with the help of Tyler and Eric, who were pulling him from the front.

“Last time I looked, having an earring in your tongue wasn’t against the law.”

“But…wait.”  Gavin tried to stop the three from pushing and pulling him towards the exit. He was sure he could testify about...something.  “I...can think of something...if you’ll wait a minute!”

“Listen, if you’re all that interested in seeing the inside of a jail cell, you just have Jack bring you downtown.  We’ll give you a tour.”  Sgt. DiLorretto continued to push.  He really thought Jack needed to give this guy a tour of the State Hospital.  Third floor! Padded room! A straitjacket would be a nice touch.  Actually, a straitjacket would probably be a mandatory thing for this nut.

When they reached the exit door, Sgt. DiLorretto pushed Gavin out without so much as a “if Jack tries to kill you, call 911” and shut the door with a bang.

Eric and Tyler were still pulling him across the parking lot towards their car.

“What in the hell is the matter with you, Gav?”  Eric complained as he pulled harder.

“Damn, are you trying to get us thrown in jail?”  Tyler grumbled in Gavin’s ear.  “You’re crazy, man!”

Gavin was struggling, trying to shake the hold his friends had on him.  They couldn’t possibly understand that sometimes jail was the safest place you could be.

“You just don’t understand!”  Gavin knew there was no way he could EVER explain it all to these two. 

“Could you guys just drop me off at the...airport?”


Gavin was sitting at the kitchen counter waiting for Jack to come home.  He thought about not telling Jack that he had gone to The Interchange, but figured that would be a mistake. A really BIG mistake.  The chances of Sgt. DiLorretto keeping quiet about the whole thing were pretty slim.  Especially after the crazy way he’d acted. 

Gavin groaned and leaned his head on the counter.  God, the man probably thought he was psychotic or something. 

He knew he’d have to tell Jack about the whole thing tonight.  Jack would probably see Sgt. DiLorretto tomorrow and, well, it would just be best if he confessed it all...first. Before he found out from someone else.  Hiding things from Jack ended up being.… Gavin squirmed on his stool.  God, hiding things from Jack was just about the stupidest thing you could possibly do.  Jack was going to KILL him, but if he found it out from someone else, he’d kill him....TWICE!

After killing him, Jack would probably ground him for the rest of his life!  And the Holidays were coming!  Christmas parties, shopping, ALL of those wonderful plans.  

Gavin heard the garage door open and took a deep breath.  Okay, this was it.  He’d just throw himself on the mercy of the court and pray that would be enough to get his sentence reduced to..... half a dose of lethal injection.  Sitting in the electric chair wouldn’t even be an option. 

Who was he kidding? Sitting in ANY chair wouldn’t even be an option....for a really long time.

“Hey, I’m surprised I beat you home.  It’s only ten, I figured you wouldn’t make it home until eleven.” Jack smiled at Gavin as he walked in the door, pulling off his coat.  “Where did you guys go tonight?”

Gavin smiled, as much as he could, back at Jack as he hung his coat in the closet. He wasn’t ready to confess anything just... YET.  “How’d your game go? You win?”

“Yeah, 21-17.” Jack walked to the counter and leaned down for a quick kiss. “Wish you would’ve come to the game.  Missed your yelling from the stands.”

“Me too.”  Gavin couldn’t even begin to tell Jack just how much he wished he’d gone to that game.

“I’m a mess. I think I’ll run up and take a shower now.” Jack started for the hall.  “You coming up?”

Gavin thought the LEAST he could do before confessing would be to let the man take a shower. He was just being considerate.  “Yeah, I’ll shut out the lights.”

After turning out the lights, Gavin walked slowly up the stairs.  He could hear Jack already singing from the shower. When he reached their bedroom he sat down on the chair nearest to Jack’s side of the bed and tried to think up.....some kind of plan.  He would tell him kind of.....gently.  Maybe if he just told him about it... like it wasn’t such a big deal....then Jack wouldn’t THINK it was such a big deal.

Yeah right!

The shower had stopped and Gavin heard Jack brushing his teeth.  Man, he really didn’t want to be spanked tonight.  Well, he never wanted it, but it was 10:30 already and he had a meeting tomorrow and it was......Wednesday, after all!

Wednesday!  Gavin shook his head.  What did THAT have to do with anything?  Yeah, he could see Jack’s expression at hearing THAT excuse.  “Hey Jack, how ‘bout you NOT spanking me tonight because it’s..... Wednesday!”

God! He really WAS psychotic!  He needed to see a professional!

Jack came into the bedroom wearing only his boxers, his hair still damp.  “You taking a shower?”

Gavin nodded his head.  “Yeah, I smell smoky from the bar.”

“Where did you guys end up going?  I don’t think you answered when I asked before?”  Jack pushed the covers back and sat down on his side of the bed, then turned on his alarm clock.

Okay, now would be a good time to start confessing.  Gavin watched Jack as he sat back in bed, reaching over for his book.  Those handcuffs were lying on top of that book, where they had been since Monday night when Jack had teased him with them.  Again! They hadn’t as yet actually been used. Jack moved the handcuffs and picked up the book. After fluffing his pillows behind him, Jack put his hands behind his head and looked up at Gavin, waiting for his answer.


Maybe if he handcuffed Jack to the bed...teased him a little and then confessed.  He might have a chance to calm Jack down a little… before he let him go. 

It could be like a game!

Gavin stood up from the chair and walked over to sit down beside Jack on the bed.  “Well, we went to Tandy’s for a few minutes before coming home.  I really didn’t feel much like partying.”

Gavin laid one hand on top of the handcuffs then slowly picked them up.  He leaned over Jack and quickly snapped one cuff around one of the iron posts on the antique bed and the other on Jack’s right wrist.

Jack chuckled and wiggled his eyebrows.  “We gonna play ‘Bad Cop/Bad Guy’ now?”

“Well, that sounds like a.....great plan.”  Gavin ran one hand down Jack’s chest, then decided he just needed to say IT.  Now!  Before he lost his nerve.  “But I…really need to…kind of...tell you something first.”

Jack’s brow wrinkled in a frown and he tilted his head to one side.  “And you felt you needed to handcuff me to the bed before making this confession?”

Gavin nodded his head and chewed on his lip.  “I know you’re probably going to be…well, mad about what I have to say, see.  But if you have time to think about really isn’t all that awful.  Really!”

“Gavin, I can guarantee you that handcuffing me to the bed isn’t going to make me any more receptive to anything you have to say.”  Jack shook his head.  “Less so!  Really!”

“Can I explain?  Please!”  Gavin twisted his hands and gave Jack his best “confession is good for the soul” look.

Jack sighed and pursed his lips.  “Go ahead and explain.  But I want out of these handcuffs. Now!”

Gavin made no move to assist Jack out of those cuffs.  He just wanted his confession over and done with.

“You know the Interchange, that club off the Portage Road exit?”

Jack’s eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared.  He already knew where this confession was leading. “Yes!”

“Well, we ....only stopped for a minute.  Honest!”  Gavin rubbed his hands on his pants.  His palms were already starting to sweat.   “We probably weren’t there more than fifteen minutes.  Maybe not even that long.  Tyler and Eric just wanted to see what everyone was talking about.  I tried to tell them we shouldn’t go.  But they just wanted to stop by for a minute.”

“And you just went along with them, after everything I’ve told you about that place.  Is that what you’re saying?”  Jack’s brows went from that frowning position to that ....cocking one.  Gavin hated that one.

“Just for a minute. Honest!  And you never really said I couldn’t...”  Gavin stopped mid-sentence when Jack’s nostrils flared again.  Nope, Jack wasn’t liking where that sentence was going.  At all!

“Okay, so I knew that you wouldn’t want me there.”  Gavin started talking fast in order to make up for almost blowing it with that last sentence.  “But it was only for a few minutes.”

Jack’s eyes scanned Gavin’s face.  There was more to this, he knew.  Gavin knew he shouldn’t have gone, but knowing Gav, he would have waited a day or two before actually confessing … anything.  The guilt eventually always got to him, but it usually took longer than an.... hour to reach its peak.

Jack gave Gavin a pointed look, wanting to get this over and done with…before Christmas.  “What else happened?”

Gavin closed his eyes and blew out a breath.  “That...Sgt. DiLorretto was there, see.”

Jack nodded his head.  “Was Sgt. DiLorretto there...alone?  Or did he have … *friends* with him?”

“Oh...he had a...whole bunch of friends with him.”  Gavin chewed on his lip.

“What you’re saying is that everything I’ve been telling you about what was going to happen at that place went down…tonight.  While you were there.  Is that it?”  Jack’s eyes never moved from Gavin’s face.  It was enough to make a grown man squirm.

“Yeah.  WE weren’t doing anything though and he told us to leave, you know.  It was more like...just being in the wrong place at the wrong time sort of thing, you see.”  Gavin shrugged his shoulders.  Perfect sense! Just perfect.

It didn’t really sound so bad when you said it out loud like that.  Wrong place....wrong time.  It happened to people every day!

“You were at a place you knew very well you were NOT supposed to be, Gavin. I don’t want to hear about it being the ‘wrong place, wrong time’.  Jack tried pulling his hand out from behind his head and let out a grunt of exasperation when it was jolted to a stop by those damned handcuffs.

Gavin sighed. Jack never did see these things quite the same way he did.  Those really good, simple explanations just seemed to go RIGHT over his head!  It was all Jack’s fault that Gavin’s imagination took over and he searched for those really big complicated explanations to things.

Of course, those explanations didn’t seem to work any better than the simple ones.

“If the place hadn’t been raided and there wouldn't have been any chance of someone telling me you were there, would you have made your confession about this tonight, or...since it’s only Wednesday… do you think you would’ve held off this confession until...let’s say… Saturday, maybe?”  Jack tried to sit up a little straighter in the bed.

Gavin’s eyes widened.  Maybe Jack did understand about the whole Wednesday thing.  Maybe he wasn’t as psychotic as he’d thought.

“Wednesdays are really bad for me too!  I didn’t think you’d understand about that, though.”

Jack blinked and shook his head.  “What?”

“You know, Wednesdays?  I was just I hated to...” Gavin blushed a little.  “Well, you know, get...spanked... on Wednesdays.  I didn’t know you felt the same way about it.”

Jack’s shook his head again, like he was trying to shake the rocks out of it.

“No, that’s NOT what I meant.  Spanking you on Wednesday or Monday...or...  Never mind!” Jack held out his one free hand  “We’re NOT getting into one of THOSE discussions tonight.  I just meant... would you have told me about all this IF you hadn’t been caught red-handed?”

Gavin blushed again.  “I hadn’t really made up my mind about that, you know...before everything happened.  I *would* have told you …someTIME!  But it’s.....Wednesday!”

“Yes, it’s Wednesday.  It’s also almost eleven o’clock.” Jack sighed and pulled on his handcuffed hand again.  “You know damn good and well you weren’t supposed to go anywhere near there, Gavin.  You’re going to learn to think ahead if it kills both of us. Get the key and get these cuffs off. Now!”

Gavin’s eyes widened, but he made no move to do as he was told.

“Gavin, get the key and let’s get this over with.”  Jack’s lips were pursed and his patience was pretty near the end of their rope.

Gavin’s face was a cross between VERY sick and VERY confused. He held his hands out, palms up.   “Key?” 

Jack laid his head back on the headboard and stared up at the ceiling.

Gavin slowly walked up the stairs holding the key to the cuffs in his hand.  Thank God Jack’s Dad had kept a spare key to the damn things.  Jason and Nathan apparently had lost the other key and since their hands were so small the cuffs didn’t work very well on either of the twins anyway.  They didn’t NEED a key.  That’s probably why they had given them to Gavin in the first place. DEVILS!  This was ALL their fault.

Trying to explain to Jack’s whole family WHY he needed a key to a pair of handcuffs at eleven-thirty at night on a ….Wednesday... was just about one of the most embarrassing things he’d ever had to do.   Gavin knew they had all probably thought he and Jack were playing some sort of kinky sex game.  Very similar to the Bad Cop/Bad Guy game he had planned on playing at some time or another.  He hadn’t planned on anyone EVER knowing about it though. 

Gavin hadn’t tried to explain his way out of it.  He thought it was better to just let them ALL go on thinking THAT was what they were doing.  He sure didn’t want anyone knowing what the REAL reason was.  Playing kinky sex games sounded a heck of a lot better than handcuffing a man to the bedposts to prevent him from....spanking you...for crying out loud!

Gavin gave Jack a sick little smile as he entered the bedroom.  “I’ve got it.”

Jack shut the book he was reading with a thump.  “Please hurry and get them off.”

God!  He was DEAD, Gavin thought to himself.   Jack apparently didn’t want to waste another second before…KILLING him.  He picked up his step at the look Jack gave him and unlocked the cuffs.  He jumped back quickly when Jack’s feet hit the floor and was somewhat surprised when he didn’t grab him immediately and start whacking him senseless.

Jack didn’t stop to look back at Gavin even once as he headed for the bathroom.  Gavin wasn’t relieved in the least when he realized the only reason Jack hadn’t started whaling on him right away was because his bladder was probably about ready to burst.  It only gave him one more reason to be totally....pissed.

When the toilet flushed and the water in the sink started running, Gavin started thinking about handcuffing himself to a moving train.  When he saw Jack standing in the doorway with the hairbrush in his hand, he thought being handcuffed to a moving train was a really GREAT plan.

Gavin held his hands out in front of him as if to ward off an evil predator.  That brush was worse than the paddle and he knew his yells would be loud.  Really loud!  Everyone in the neighborhood would probably hear him howling.  Someone would probably call the police to report a possible MURDER. How humiliating!

Who was he kidding?  The police would hear what address the possible murder was taking place and just...go on about their business.  They sure as heck never paid any attention at ALL when it was HIM in need of help!  He was beginning to suspect that the oath they took in the police academy went something like “to protect and to serve...everyone in the whole world...EXCEPT Gavin McCourt.”

Taking a step back, Gavin tried getting his execution moved... to the basement.   “Jack…don’t you think...we should go..”.

“No!  It’s after midnight and we’re getting this done. Now!”  Jack walked over to the side of the bed and sat down.  “Pants, Gavin.”

Gavin sighed and started unbuckling his belt.  “You’re so mad about the handcuffs.  Don’t you think…”

“Gavin, I’m not mad about the handcuffs. Exactly!  Exasperated? Maybe!  Frustrated? Some!  And we will talk about that.... Later!”  Jack pointed to the floor in front of him.  “But right now we’re going to talk about you just blindly going into places and situations that you know damn good and well you have no place being.  Now come here!”

Gavin took the few steps forward until he was standing in front of Jack.  His pants were already unbuttoned and unzipped.  He thumbed the waistband of his pants and pushed them down around his thighs, pulling his boxers with them. 

Jack pulled Gavin over his lap, pushing the pants further down until they were at his knees and out of the way. He placed his left arm across the small of his back, his hand holding him at the waist. He picked up the hairbrush and raised it, then brought it down on Gavin’s vulnerable backside with a crack that echoed around the room. 

“OW!  Stop!  Wait.”  Gavin tried wiggling loose, but wasn’t having any luck. He really wasn’t ready YET!   “OW!  Please! Wait!”

Jack wasn’t going to wait.  Not one more second.  That hairbrush cracked down across Gavin’s butt with about every third word.

“You are going to learn, if it takes the rest of our lives, to start thinking ahead.”

“I…promise!  Pleeease!”  Gavin was howling and kicking his legs like a swimmer in a race for the Gold.  “I’m soorry!”

Jack just kept cracking that brush.  “You knew damn good and well that you shouldn’t have been anywhere near that bar.  I don’t think I have to spell everything out in order for you to know where you’re NOT supposed to be!”

Gavin HAD already known that bar was a place he shouldn’t have been anywhere NEAR.  He would even go one step further and never go anywhere within miles of that exit.  He’d travel twenty miles out of his way just to avoid driving on THAT road. 

By the time that brush stopped its attack, Gavin could hardly catch his breath.  Jack lifted him up to stand in front of him.  Gavin’s backside felt like someone had lit a match to it.  His feet danced from one to the other, his shoulders shaking, but not one sound could work its way up his throat. 

Jack pushed Gavin’s pants the rest of the way down and helped pull them off.  He stood up and held Gavin still in front of him. 

“All right, enough.  Just breathe.”

“I…I…can’t.”  Gavin gasped, his face wet with tears.

“Yes, you can.”  Jack’s voice was firm, but not unsympathetic. “Now go wash your face and brush your teeth.  You can just shower in the morning.”

Gavin stood there a moment, still unable to breathe evenly.  Jack turned him around and with a slight swat on his bottom, had him moving towards the bathroom. Fast!   He didn’t need any more motivation than that.

After washing his face, still silently sobbing, he brushed his teeth. He shuffled his way to the bedroom, rubbing his bottom and sniffling pitifully. Jack was already sitting up in bed.  When he saw Gavin enter the bedroom he lifted the covers and patted the bed beside him.  Gavin ran and dived into bed beside Jack, burying his head in Jack’s shoulder.

Jack pulled Gavin onto his chest and rubbed his back. “Hey, it’s okay.”

“I knew wouldn’t …want me there.”  Gavin rubbed his nose in Jack’s chest.  “I didn’t …even want be …there.”

“I know.” Jack rubbed his chin in Gavin’s hair.  “Maybe next time someone has a bright idea that you know you have no business being involved in, you’ll remember how to say the word ‘no’.

Jack could feel Gavin nod his head.  “I’ll remember.  I promise.”

“And we’re still going to have a little *discussion* about your brilliant handcuff plan, buddy boy.  That wasn’t the brightest thing you’ve ever pulled either.”  Jack’s hand moved down to rub Gavin’s backside and chuckled at the groan he heard. “I think I’ll show you what happens when you TRY and get out of a spanking by forcibly restraining me.  It’ll only earn you another one. But we’ll discuss that tomorrow.  You don’t have any problems with...Thursdays, do you?”

“I’m ...really sorry about that.” Gavin didn’t even try to plead for mercy.  There was no way he’d ever convince Jack to forget about that *discussion*. He wasn’t going to TRY and get out of it.  It would probably only earn him a third spanking.  He probably wouldn’t be able to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner as it was and that was over a week away.

“Am I grounded....forever?”  Gavin sniffled into Jack’s shoulder. He was sure he would be.  And they had all those wonderful Holiday plans too.

Jack didn’t answer right away.  He really should ground him, he thought. Maybe not …forever, but for the next little while, anyway. That would be kind of hard though, what with all the plans they already had and couldn’t get out of.  He rubbed Gavin’s back and kissed his forehead.

“You just spent a month being…what did you call it?…under twenty-four hour protection.” Jack chuckled; the rumbling of it sounded nice in Gavin’s ear. “What with all the Holiday plans we have, grounding you would be next to impossible.  I think instead of grounding you, we’re just going to change the way we do things.  Again.”

“How are we changing things this time?”  Gavin rubbed his nose on Jack’s shoulder.

“For the foreseeable future, any plans you make… you clear with me first.” Jack pulled Gavin away from his shoulder and pulled his chin up with his hand.  “That means going to the store for bread, running out to get a video. Anything. You understand?”

Gavin nodded his head. “I think so.”

“I mean it, Gav.  You don’t even stop for gas without telling me first.” Jack let Gavin’s chin go.   “Every plan you make, every step you take.”

Every move I make, every breath I take. He’ll be watching me. Gawd!  Gavin thought it was kind of ironic that it was a Police song that would be going through his mind for the…foreseeable future, anyway. 

Gavin rested his head back on Jack’s shoulder.  “You’ll be watching me, right?”

Jack’s chest rumbled again.  “You belong to me.”

Gavin sniffed into Jack’s shoulder; a little smile turned up the corners of his mouth.  What was he talking about?  That wasn’t changing anything.  He’d always belonged to Jack.

Jack could feel Gavin’s eyes on him as he drove into the garage.  Gavin hadn’t stopped staring at him the whole drive home from Jack’s parents’ house.  They had spent the day cleaning up the yard and doing odd jobs that needed to be taken care of before the holidays.  Jack’s brothers had been there and they had gotten a lot done. 

“I really wish we didn’t have to go to that party tonight,” Gavin complained as he walked though the kitchen door.  Pulling off his coat, he tossed it on the counter.

Jack picked up Gavin’s coat on his way in and tossed it back to Gavin.  He pulled off his own coat as he opened the closet door, then reached in and grabbed a couple of hangers. 

“I know, I’m really not looking forward to it either.”  Jack passed a hanger to Gavin and hung up his own coat. “I thought you really wanted to go.”

“Well, I did wanna go,” Gavin ears perked up when he heard Jack’s confession. “But we’ve worked out in the cold all day today.  I’m cold and tired and …well, just in the mood to stay home.”

“I know what you mean; I’m tired too.  Just in the mood to stay home, grab something quick to eat, watch a movie or something.” 

Jack’s eyes watched Gavin’s ass as he hung up his coat and followed behind him through the kitchen.  After sitting on the stool, resting his elbows on the table, his gaze shifted to Gavin’s face. His cheeks were pink from the crisp fall air, his hair was at that “almost needed cut” stage, where the waves  managed to fall down on his forehead. Jack had always wished Gavin’s hair would just stay like that.  Permanently.

Gavin grabbed two cans of coke out of the fridge and leaned on the counter.  He searched Jack’s face and stopped to admire the five-o’clock shadow along his jaw.  That dark shadow appeared every day about this same time, like someone had painted it there. Gavin had always wished that shadow would just stay like that. Permanently.

“Yeah, something really quick to eat, curl up in bed and maybe watch a movie there, under a bunch of covers.”

Jack popped his coke can and looked up at Gavin; a smile was starting to work its way across his face. 

“I’m not really even that hungry. We ate lunch so late.  Curling up in bed and watching a movie under a bunch of covers would be good enough.”

Gavin popped his own coke can and looked down at Jack, answering him with an even bigger smile.  

“Yeah, that’s true.  I’m about movied out though.  We’ve watched a ton of movies lately.  Just curling up in bed under a bunch of covers would be plenty good enough.”

Jack shifted his jeans a little as he stood up from the stool. There was a sweet smile on his face, but his eyes were heated and smoky. 

“Yeah, but I’m feeling pretty warm now, probably wouldn’t need many covers.  Just curling up in bed would be good enough.  I’m really not all THAT tired though.”

Gavin pushed himself away from the counter and sat his half-empty coke can on it. He was really liking that look in Jack’s eyes. He knew his own eyes probably held that same look. 

It was their “Two Really Easy Guys” look.

“Yeah, I’m feeling kinda hot.  Probably wouldn’t need ANY covers. Curling up in bed would be plenty good enough. And I’m not really tired… at all.”

They stood there…LOOKING at each other… for just a second.

And then…they both started running for the stairs, calling out at the same time.

“Sounds like a plan!”