We talk to other brats and, from time to time, the subject of discipline will come up. We've compared how our Tops handle different different situations and we've noticed a strange thing. From California to Georgia, Kentucky to the UK, Tops show a remarkable similarity in their speech, their actions, and their reactions to certain behavior.

We started speculating on why this would be. Is it something genetic?

Maybe something in the water?

A reaction to being spanked by a doctor as soon as they were born?

After numerous discussions, we decided that there must be some kind of network, some way they communicate with each other, and teach each other these habits.

We decided that somewhere in the world there's a top-secret military base, turning out Tops, training them to take over the world, bringing structure and discipline to the lives of brats everywhere.

After searching for evidence of this dastardly plot, prying open locked drawers, eavesdropping on private phone calls, reading diaries by flashlight, not carying about the painful consequences of being discovered in our search, we still have no concrete proof, and our searchers were dropping like flies. (pausing for a moment of silence, to honor all those who sacrificed their butts in the name of duty)

So we came up with a different idea. We decided that somewhere in the Caribean, there is an island, offering Basic Training for Tops. The following is an excerpt from their brochure.

On The Island, Visiting Tops learn the basics of caring for their brats, attending classes on such topics as Creative Lines, The Effectiveness of Cornertime, and Spanking 101. They also offer Advanced Training for Tops and numerous weekend seminars on topics such as "Dealing With Your Sick Brat", and "Hidden Hazards of the Internet".

The Island also has a Home for Wayward Orphan Brats. Here brats live under the loving guidance of temporary Tops while gaining an understanding of themselves and what they are looking for and need in a relationship.

The Island staff, trained in psychology and themselves long-time members of the domestic discipline community, work to ensure that those visiting tops who are looking for long-term, committed relationships have a chance to meet brats compatible with them. Each couple is carefully screened and every step of their growing relationship is monitored by the Island's professional staff.

No brat is ever forced into a relationship and they are welcome to stay at the Island as long as they want.

The Island Series will document a few of their stories. 1